Be Your Own Advocate: An Advisor’s Journey to $42M AUM

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Be Your Own Advocate: An Advisor's Journey to $42M AUM

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About the episode:

As we conclude the “Be Your Own Advocate” series, host Kirsten Schlumbohm, speaks with Julie Manning, RICP®, CFF, a top advisor at C2P and the founder and CEO of Keystone Wealth Management, a successful practice focused on empowering women clients.

During their engaging conversation, Julie shares her unexpected journey into financial services and what strategies led to her success, emphasizing the importance of self-advocacy and empathy in serving female clients.

Key Topics Discussed:

  • Julie’s Journey: How Julie got her start in financial services and transitioned from physical education and insurance to founding her own financial advisory firm and becoming a top advisor.
  • Educating Female Clients: The importance of making financial concepts relatable for female clients using simple analogies and a woman’s touch.
  • Work-Life Balance: Julie shares her personal strategies for achieving work-life balance, including setting boundaries and delegating tasks.
  • Women in Financial Services: The importance of mentoring and supporting women entering the financial services industry.
  • Community Involvement: Julie shares how her experiences, like participating in the Rotary Club, contributes to professional growth and client trust.

Tune in to learn how Julie’s experiences and strategies can help you better serve your female clients and grow your practice.



Be Your Own Advocate: An Advisor's Journey to $42M AUM

About the guest

Julie Manning is a veteran financial professional with over 23 years of experience in the industry. Starting her career in disability insurance, she found her passion in helping people during challenging financial times. This passion led her to transition into full-scale financial planning and ultimately founding her own firm. Julie holds the Retirement Income Certified Professional® (RICP®) designation, which she leverages to provide comprehensive guidance on retirement and income planning strategies.

Known for her educational approach to financial services, Julie creates a welcoming, non-intimidating environment for her clients, with a particular focus on serving women. She partners with Woman’s Worth® to address the unique financial challenges women face in their later years, and her dedication has earned her Circle of Excellence recognition from Women in Financial Services (WIFS). Outside of her professional life, Julie resides on a 17-acre country property with her husband, Greg, where they raise chickens and enjoy rural living. She balances her work with various hobbies and time spent with her eight children and two grandsons.