Not your Grandma’s Annuities: Insights from Annuity Rockstar Sheryl Moore

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Not your Grandma's Annuities: Insights from Annuity Rockstar Sheryl Moore

In This Episode

Learn about the evolution of annuities from the “Annuity rockstar” who helped make June, Annuity Awareness month! Join host Kirsten Schlumbohm, VP Head of Annuity Sales at C2P, for a conversation with founder, creator, & CEO of Wink, Inc. and Moore Market Intelligence, Sheryl Moore, aka the “Annuity Rockstar,” as she dispels outdated myths and shares insights into the evolution of annuity products.

Sheryl draws from her trailblazing career in competitive intelligence to reveal how annuities have transformed from your grandma’s restrictive policies into flexible, consumer-friendly vehicles for retirement income planning.

Key topics discussed:

  • Innovative Income Riders: An overview of new income riders, confinement care waivers, and other modern annuity features that have increased their flexibility.
  • Overcoming Liquidity Objections: Sheryl debunks the liquidity myth, “annuities tie up your money,” by explaining ways to access funds like free withdrawals and waiver provisions.
  • Consumer-Friendly Regulations: Sheryl comments on recent regulatory changes that eliminated excessive surrender periods and prohibitive fees.
  • Tips for Evaluating Indexed Illustrations: Insights on how to interpret indexed annuity projections and understand strategies like monthly averages.
  • How Women Humanize the Industry: Sheryl’s perspective on why more women are needed to meet the advice preferences of female clients.
  • Navigating DOL Fiduciary Rules: A breakdown of the DOL’s new rules around reasonable compensation and implications for advisors.
  • Annuity Taxation & Portability Predictions: Sheryl’s predictions on key annuity trends like tax treatment of income and improved product transfers.

Don’t miss these eye-opening perspectives from one of the annuity industry’s most respected thought leaders.



Not your Grandma's Annuities: Insights from Annuity Rockstar Sheryl Moore

About the Guest

Sheryl J. Moore is the founder, creator and CEO of Wink, Inc and Moore Market Intelligence, a competitive intelligence firm focused on the insurance industry’s indexed life and annuity markets. Sheryl has worked with life insurance and annuity products for more than two decades, including managing competitive intelligence for a top global insurer and working as an analyst at the leading provider of indexed life and annuity products. She has since founded several competitive intelligence tools including AnnuitySpecs.com, LifeSpecs.com, and the Indexed Sales & Market Report, and is considered by many as the insurance industry’s foremost authority on life insurance and annuity products.

Moore is the co-author of The Encyclopedia to Index Products and her research is featured across over 20 insurance trade publications. She collaborates closely with regulators like the National Association of Insurance Commissioners on indexed product rules and regulations. Her firm’s data has been presented to Congress regarding indexed insurance products. Ms. Moore holds a Political Science degree and insurance services designations. Neither she nor her company sells or endorses financial products.