Our Technology

Streamline your back office, better serve your clients

In the same way you as a fiduciary advisor are committed to your clients’ best interests, we are committed to helping you serve them seamlessly. We do so through state-of-the-art industry technology to enhance operational efficiency and investment capabilities. As a PCA-affiliated IAR or RIA partner through a subadvisory agreement, you can access our curated suite of technologies that take the focus off the back office and put it on your clients.

Orion Advisor Tech

Orion, the industry’s #1 all-in-one comprehensive software solution1,equips our advisors with powerful features including daily reconciliation, advanced reporting capabilities, and efficient portfolio rebalancing tools. In addition to optimizing operations, Orion offers a client portal with engaging features such as video statements and intuitive visuals, enabling clients to stay informed and connected to their investments.


A third-party institutional custodian we use for managing assets, Schwab provides trusted oversight and adherence to fiduciary standards, instilling confidence in the security of invested assets. You get direct access to Schwab’s platform, complemented by our competitive pricing, to help take your advisory business account management processes to the next level. Either through Schwab or our account opening tool, affiliate advisors can open accounts.

Fidelity Investments

By utilizing Fidelity as another third-party institutional custodian, which includes Fidelity Clearing & Custody Solutions®, our advisors get cutting-edge technology and collaborative support tailored to their specific business objectives. Fidelity is built on the principle of custody, serving more than 50 million individual investors and $4.9 trillion in total discretionary assets as of December 20232. Through direct access to Fidelity WealthScape’s platform and the added benefit of our pricing structure, our affiliates can efficiently manage their advisory business — big or small. Advisors can open accounts through Fidelity directly or via our account opening tool.


Recognized globally for its secure and efficient digital signature tech, DocuSign enhances transactional processes for both our PCA IARs or RIA partners, and their respective clients. By facilitating paperless account openings and account management tasks, DocuSign ensures speed, accuracy, and compliance in all transactional activities.

Fusion Elements

With Fusion Elements, advisors can consolidate — one login, one platform, yet multiple solutions to help increase productivity. A proprietary technology platform that integrates with over 750 applications, Fusion Elements empowers advisors to customize their workflow and optimize their processes. With a user-friendly interface and centralized functionality, Fusion Elements simplifies the adoption of key tools, such as Money Guide Pro, Orion, and AdvisoryWorld. This enables our advisors to easily link their CRM, cloud storage, proposal, and marketing tools into their business practices.


  1. https://orion.com/advisor-tech
  2. https://www.fidelity.com/about-fidelity/our-company


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