The Teamwork Movement

The Teamwork Movement

A Practice Management Solution for Financial Advisory Firms

Is your firm structured to prosper without you?

There will come a time when you need to step away from your firm, whether it’s for a well-deserved vacation, family needs, or you’re just ready to retire. To do so, you’ll need a driven and cohesive team, operational efficiency, and a set plan to take your financial advisory practice into the future.

That’s where The Teamwork Movement Practice Management Program comes in, created with this sole purpose in mind — to help advisors everywhere build a self-sustainable and lasting wealth management firm. This program and process has even received national recognition, earning C2P a finalist position in ThinkAdvisor’s LUMINARIES awards in 2023, known then as the Advisor Career Path & Compensation Program.

How A $10/Hr Intern Became A $41 Million Producer

The Teamwork Movement, developed by nationally recognized financial advisor and author, Jason L Smith, CEP®, BPC, empowers financial firms to recruit, retain, and reward top talent. Smith found that fostering self-sustaining practices and a cohesive team environment improves client experiences, increases net profitability, and helps secure a legacy in the industry.

We’ve helped countless advisors, and their firms duplicate and scale this process Smith pioneered and used to turn his $10-per-hour intern into his firm’s #1 producer for the last five years and counting.

Providing the Formula to Build YOUR Business YOUR Way

At C2P, we’ve spent years studying advisors in our companies and the best methods in the financial industry to refine and develop this scalable program that offers leaders:

  • A step-by-step plan for career projection.
  • Help crafting a payment structure that fits the needs of your firm.
  • A mentorship approach that works best for your business.
  • Assistance identifying the roles, responsibilities, standards, and expectations for each position.
  • Support setting goals and target dates for growth, profitability, staffing, and more
  • Strategies and tools to enhance your firm’s operational efficiency.

Structure for Success

Giving talented people a way to buy into your firm and become a practicing partner gives them incentive to stay and become a top producer for your firm.

Our Career Path element of the Teamwork Movement is structured as a 5-rung ladder, each rung broken down into measurable steps with a detailed scorecard, ensuring that you and your employee both know what they need to accomplish to move up the ladder and where they have ability to grow in the future.

Financial Planner Career Path Ladder Rungs

Start by hiring an entry-level client service advisor to work at the first rung in operations, but with the intent to grow in the firm and ultimately become a financial advisor and practicing partner. 

Combining the Advisor Career Path with our Advisor Compensation Model and folding in the other valuable tools and concepts from the Teamwork Movement will help you develop a more dynamic, efficient, and team-focused practice.

How Does The Teamwork Movement Benefit Your Firm?

This comprehensive program offers tools and strategies to: 

• Build a Self-Sustaining Business

     Develop an elite team and structure you can rely on to run the business effectively with or without you.

• Increase Net Profitability

     Attract and retain talented individuals, define mentorship approaches, navigate the intricacies of practice management, and set clear goals for growth and         profitability.

• Improve Your Client Experience

     Enhance your service to clients by having a well-structured team that excels in their roles and provides the same level of care and expertise to every client         they interact with. 

• Secure Your Legacy

     Identify roles, responsibilities, standards, and expectations for each position and foster a cohesive team environment, ensuring your firm’s continued                   success.

• Define Success

     Set achievable goals for growth, profitability, staffing, and structure, all while enhancing your firm’s efficiency.

Discover Your Firm’s Full Potential with Our Live Training

Ready to learn these key strategies to take your firm into the future?

Jason L Smith, Founder & CEO of JL Smith Holistic Wealth Management and C2P, and Rob LaCivita, COO at JL Smith, will personally guide you through their proven method for building successful teams. This is based on their own experiences at JL Smith and shared with other growing practices during The Teamwork Movement Live Training.

After two information-packed days, you’ll leave with a customized plan and practical steps that you can start using in your firm right away.

Learn more about this event and see if you qualify to attend for free!