Separate Managed Accounts

Separate Managed Accounts (SMAs)

To provide our affiliates with solutions that allow them to tailor investment portfolios according to clients’ individual preferences, risk tolerance, and financial goals, we also offer SMAs. We partnered with global asset managers Dimensional Fund Advisors and BlackRock on these unique investment offerings, which are customizable, tax-efficient, and actively managed. SMAs can be beneficial because they allow clients direct ownership of the underlying securities of their portfolio and can be diversified across a wide range of asset classes and investment styles.

Our SMAs:

  • BlackRock Fixed Income SMA & Bond Ladders

    BlackRock Municipal and Corporate SMAs provide a dedicated investment team from the largest global fixed income manager. The Municipal and Corporate Bond SMAs empower financial professionals to offer flexible, value-add investment solutions to a broad set of individual investors. We also offer Municipal and Corporate Bond Ladders

  • Dimensional SMA

    Dimensional’s equity focused SMAs enable advisors to offer personalized Dimensional investment solutions to their investors. This SMA empowers financial professionals to offer flexible, value-add investment solutions to a broad set of individual investors and has a fixed-income option. Tax-loss harvesting is also done daily with this SMA.

In-House Investment Professionals

To help you best leverage SMAs in your clients’ overall financial plans based on their individual objectives and needs, we have a dedicated team behind us. Our Investment Committee and case design team are highly skilled at investment advice in the clients’ best interest and providing resources to our PCA-affiliated advisors and RIA partners.

Take Advantage of Our SMAs

Broaden the way you serve your clients by accessing solutions like these SMAs and our experienced team to provide support and answer any questions. We are here to be your resource for informed, efficient investing in your practice. Reach out via a 20-minute call today to discover what it’s like to work with us.


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