Investment Platform

Investment Platform

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Meet Your Clients’ Investment Needs

Our investment team has curated a comprehensive investment platform by leveraging our relationship with some of the world’s largest asset managers to construct portfolios with quality and cost-efficient investments across alpha, index and evidence-based factors.

Alpha Strategies

Delivering active management aiming to outperform the benchmark.

Evidence-Based Strategies

Tilting a portfolio towards asset classes proven to deliver outperformance.

Index Strategies

Low-cost, tax-efficient, broad market exposure strategies to capture return.

The Way You Want to Invest

We have brought together core strategic models and specialized strategies to meet specific client investment needs and help differentiate you as an advisor. From environmentally or socially conscious investments to individual stock managers, and all the way down to portfolios designed to help protect from market volatility, the choice is yours.

A Custom Approach

We believe there is no one-size-fits-all solution when delivering investment advice. Whether your clients are approaching retirement and need an investment plan to provide reliable income or are in the accumulation phase focused on growing and maximizing their money, our personalized offerings and knowledgeable team are here for you.

In-House Investment Help

Our investment committee is consistently monitoring and evaluating what we provide so you have innovative and efficient ways to serve your clients. We are committed to equipping you with investment solutions to deliver the results your clients expect.

Let our Investment Committee be your partners in excellent client service — schedule a 20-minute call to learn how we can work together.

Active Investing

With an active portfolio, we’re giving the manager the ability to make dynamic adjustments with the goal of enhancing the return — beyond the market benchmark. If they think inflation is going to creep up, they may make changes in the portfolio to address it.

An active investment approach can:

  • Work to deliver investment alpha
  • Offer targeted diversification exposure
  • Deliver specific tax savings

Evidence-Based Investing

A popular method for advisors to strive to deliver outperformance without market guesswork, evidence-based investing is powered by the latest advancements in technology, data analytics, and the collection of historical statistics. This strategy is designed to be lower cost, with the benefits of both active and indexed strategies, while minimizing inefficiencies.

Passive Market Capture

With the long-term objectives in mind, passive market capture strategies incorporate investments that strive for long-term growth. As a low-cost investment management solution on Valor’s platform, passive strategies do not profit from short-term price fluctuations or market timing, but rather long-term growth tied to the performance of an indices, market sector, or collection of individual stocks and/or bonds.

These strategies are:

  • Typically, the lowest cost investment option
  • Designed to be simple for clients to understand
  • Very tax-efficient

What’s going to help keep your passive investor as a client is your ability to measure the right amount of volatility they’re willing to accept, and then you match them up to the right portfolio to achieve their objectives. Our business development team is particularly valuable in helping you evaluate the opportunities.

Access Our Investment Platform

Take advantage of the vast infrastructure, resources, and support our Valor investment platform provides. If you want to be a PCA-affiliated IAR or enter into an institutional relationship as an RIA partner, it’s time to book a 20-minute call to learn more.


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