How to Market Yourself as an Investment Advisor

Like most things, investment advisor marketing starts with Google. Building your web presence is the first step toward a robust marketing plan.

Check out these investment advisor marketing survey results:

  • 98% say the website is important to them when choosing a wealth professional
  • 84% prefer personalized content tailored to them
  • 63% report educational content makes marketing strategies for financial advisors stand out
  • 42% begin their pursuit for an advisor on search engines

So, once you’ve built your website and social media channels, what digital marketing tips are next?

How does Google find your site and know to whom to recommend it?

How Top Investment Advisors Use Marketing to Grow their Business

The answer is content marketing.

Content marketing is an inbound marketing practice in which you advertise your business through creating and sharing relevant, informative, and entertaining content. With engaging content and effective lead generation methodologies, prospects will find their way to you over traditional outbound advisor marketing methods.

Content can mean anything from a tweet to an annual report, but some of the most common types include:

Choose How to Market Yourself

The goal of marketing strategies for financial advisors should be to guide each prospect through the sales funnel.

First, prospects give you their contact information to access a piece of gated content you have produced. This takes them from the prospect stage of the buyer’s journey to the lead stage.

Next, leads move further through the sales funnel as both the marketing and sales departments qualify them. You continue to provide them with valuable content and allow them to get to know you and your business better until they feel comfortable enough to schedule a call or meeting.

Finally, you hand them off to sales and let the closers convert them into paying customers.

Don’t forget to measure your results! You can analyze your efforts to see lead generation and conversion results. Metrics are key to learning what worked and what didn’t, so you don’t waste your valuable advertising budget on things that don’t bring in any new business.

One very important digital marketing tip is this: NEVER recommend a particular product or investment to a broad audience.

No matter how targeted you get with your digital marketing, you can never fully control who sees your content, and you don’t want to make blanket statements that won’t apply to everyone.

Each client should receive one-on-one holistic financial planning advice tailored to their specific needs.

You should only suggest strategic investments or specific products after developing a relationship and understanding their individual financial objectives.

Tap Into Different Communication Channels

Our industry changes quickly, so it is vital that you stay as up-to-date on investment advisor marketing trends as you do market forecasts.

Luckily, there are countless convenient ways to communicate directly with your peers to spread a wealth of knowledge about investment advisor marketing, industry news, digital marketing tips, and more.

Digital marketing is crucial to being competitive in today’s market. But don’t forget to market your business the old-fashioned way, with direct mail and physical advertisements in your local community.

To neglect traditional investment advisor marketing methods is to disengage from your community. Use traditional advisor marketing methods for both lead generation and client retention.

The best laid marketing strategies for financial advisors have a deliberate mix of educational content, diverse media, and personalized client communications.

Lean into acts of goodwill; invest in your community—sponsor a little league team, purchase ad space in small-town newspapers and billboards. People love getting small gifts or greeting cards in the mail. It doesn’t have to be extravagant. Even a simple handwritten thank you note goes a long way in adding a personal touch that other wealth professionals lack.

Become a pillar of your community so that everyone nearing retirement age knows your name.

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