The Rainmaker Multiplier On-Demand

The Rainmaker Multiplier On-Demand Podcast

The Rainmaker Multiplier On-Demand

About The Rainmaker Multiplier On-Demand

C2P welcomes you to discover what’s new and next in the financial services landscape for enhancing your advisory firm and overall business model. Developed by Jason L Smith, this podcast takes you through strategies for multiplying your revenue, net profit, lines of business, capabilities, efficiencies, most valuable relationships, and top producers — your rainmakers. Join our rotating host lineup for exclusive insights on everything from structuring your practice, marketing best practices, compensation frameworks, and how to navigate the modern world of compliance.

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Jason L Smith

Jason L Smith is a father, husband, nationally acclaimed speaker, financial planner, best-selling author, coach, and entrepreneur dedicated to simplifying financial planning for families worldwide and supporting advisors everywhere. He is the Founder and CEO of C2P, as well as his own financial services practice, JL Smith Holistic Wealth Management. Jason’s passion and expertise lie in all aspects of holistic financial planning, further evidenced by being Founder and CEO of Prosperity Capital Advisors, a nationally recognized planning-first RIA. As a skilled leader in the financial services industry, Jason truly enjoys helping advisors secure and scale their businesses and better serve clients through C2P’s trusted processes and models.