Specialized Strategies

Specialized Strategies

We’ve curated a menu of specialized strategies to provide more niche solutions for you to tap into. No matter if your client wants value-based investments, such as environmentally or socially aware, or maybe they require portfolios aimed at cushioning them from volatility, we have you covered with diverse options.

  • Dimensional Fund Advisors (DFA) Social Models

    Valor manages a series of model portfolios which focus on socially responsible investing using fixed income and equity asset classes within a target allocation

  • DFA Sustainable Models

    Valor also manages a series of varying target allocation model portfolios which are comprised of DFA Funds’ sustainability mutual funds that screen investments based on key sustainability issues such as environmental impact from company emissions

  • DFA Global Models

    Valor offers a series of Global Models that allocate its assets to DFA Funds that invest in domestic and international equity and fixed income securities.

  • BlackRock Target Allocation ETF Models

    The BlackRock Target Allocation ETF Models are a suite of investment options with the specific investment strategy varying allocations to equities and fixed income. There are pre-tax and tax-aware versions of these models.

  • Valor Volatility Buffer Portfolio

    Valor bundles the Innovator Ultra Buffered ETFs in a portfolio giving your clients easy access to market exposure while limiting the downside volatility associated to being invested directly in the stock market.

Investment Help from our Nationwide Team

Our specialized investment models are developed and curated with the help of our knowledgeable Investment Committee and our case design team. These models prioritize your clients’ unique needs and look to account for even the most nuanced financial situations.

Take Advantage of our Specialized Strategies

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