Core Strategic Models

Core Strategic Models

A total return approach to investing

You never know in any given period which investment approach is going to pay off and deliver the best return. We’ve built the infrastructure so you can deliver what you feel is in your clients’ best interests and work towards meeting their goals and objectives, all with the efficiency of a unified managed account using portfolio sleeves.

The Benefits

The core strategic models have a primary goal of growing the account within the asset allocation guidance framework delivered through a risk or volatility tolerance analysis. These portfolios range from an allocation of capital preservation — typically all fixed income — all the way up to an aggressive allocation, which is generally all equities, to meet the demands of your client.

Tax-Smart Investment Portfolio Models

Tax efficiency matters to you and your high-net worth clients, especially regarding post-tax accounts. That’s why we developed a specific tax-managed or tax-efficient portfolio for each of our core model families with the aim of maximizing client after-tax returns.

Customizable Solutions


Vanguard® Strategic ETF® Models
CRSP Series & Tax-Efficient Portfolios

  • An investment management firm serving over 50 million investors1
  • Tax- Efficient and strategic — not static
  • Guided by a disciplined strategy group and rigorous research2
  • 88% of Vanguard funds outperformed peer averages3
  • Foundational diversified portfolio for market capture
  • Investment principles grounded in stewardship4

Dimensional Fund Advisors

Dimensional Wealth Models
Pre-Tax & Tax-Managed Portfolios

  • Powered by Dimensional Fund Advisors — operating for over 40 years with $677B in firmwide AUM5
  • Investment approach grounded  in prudent stewardship to advocate for greater governance at companies they work with to help improve returns for clients6,7
  • Models supported by a large research team, Ph.D-holding professionals, and the executive team of Dimensional leadership5,8
  • Evidenced-based approach to active management
  • Rooted in applying insight from financial science
  • Lower cost, broadly diversified solutions available. (14,000+ holdings across 40+ countries)


United Portfolios developed with BlackRock
Pre-Tax & Tax-Managed Portfolios

Together with BlackRock, a major global asset manager, we developed models that incorporate BlackRock’s investment team philosophy, research, data, and Aladdin Technology to pursue better investment returns.

  • Developed with BlackRock—the world’s largest investment management firm9
  • Research and investment strategists using cutting-edge technology to help protect portfolios (Aladdin Risk Management System)
  • Diversified core solution with a dynamic approach to active management (long-term and short-term tilts) – aim is to make a little bit of money a lot of the time
  • 3-Step Process (start with a long-term strategy, adapt to changing macro conditions, select the right investment vehicles)
  • Unites multiple fund families through a proprietary screening process
  • Trades approximately 4-6x a year (mostly quarterly, but may trade ad hoc)

BlackRock Income Portfolios

In addition to our core models, our platform also provides BlackRock’s Multi-Asset Income Models. These focus on generating income and growth through a diversified portfolio of stocks, bonds, and non-traditional income assets while seeking to mitigate downside risk and adapting to changing market conditions. We offer:

  • BlackRock Multi-Asset Income Model
  • BlackRock Multi-Asset Tax-Aware Models

On-Demand Investment Assistance

Our experienced in-house Investment Committee and other representatives are here to help guide you in making sound decisions in your clients’ best interest. Whether you are looking for support in case design, understanding our Core Models better, or other investment logistics, you can conveniently and confidently turn to us.

Take Advantage of Our Core Models

If you want to learn what it’s like to be a PCA-affiliated advisor or one of our institutional RIA partners via a subadvisory agreement, book a 20-minute call today.


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