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Clarity 2 Prosperity Training & Coaching for Financial Advisors

Clarity 2 Prosperity (Clarity) is a financial training, coaching, and IP development organization that offers financial advisors turnkey financial planning, practice management, and marketing processes. Its mission is to help advisors shift from a transactional mindset to holistic planners. These advisors offer best interest advice by coordinating all areas of their clients’ financial lives. This includes investments, insurance, tax, estate, Social Security, retirement income, healthcare planning, and more.

Financial Advisor Educational Resources by Clarity 2 Prosperity

Clarity 2 Prosperity provides solutions and benefits that address the issues advisors experience, including those they’re unaware of. These solutions help top advisors streamline their processes and grow a self-sustaining financial practice.

Courses for Financial Planning Professionals:

The Bucket Plan® Process

The Bucket Plan Process is an asset allocation system around which our company is built. Advisors use this system to develop simple, holistic financial plans that their clients will understand, increasing the likelihood of implementing their proposals. The Bucket Plan has been defined, refined, and tested by our model offices. It includes a set of proven processes that are easy to replicate for your business, no matter the size or scale. You will learn how to simplify holistic planning and increase your closing ratio. After you complete the Bucket Plan live training, you will transform your business. 

The Rainmaker Multiplier Process

Financial advisors use the Rainmaker Multiplier Process to start converting your firm to a self-sustaining entity that runs efficiently with or without you there. When you decide it’s time to increase your revenue, we’ll give you access to our proven rainmaker processes. This will help you build your practice and increase your net profit over gross while we welcome you into our community of fiduciaries.

The Tax Management Journey®

This two-day tax planning training course gives financial advisors the marketing tools and strategies to attract and convert more clients in the $1 million to $5 million demographic.
Current and potential clients need help with tax planning strategies. By offering these services, financial planners can increase revenue both for their customers and their company revenue.
After attending The Tax Management Journey, advisors can confidently engage in tax planning with their prospects and clients and provide more valuable advice by integrating their tax, financial, investment, and insurance into one overall plan.

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Working with Clarity 2 Prosperity

Clarity 2 Prosperity provides financial planners and their team members with a group of mentors that they can call on for anything, like increasing office staff or allocating a client’s assets to the proper buckets. Financial advisors can rest assured that their mentors have been in their situation before and are happy to guide them through the different scenarios to find the best solution for all parties involved. From financial advisor educational resources, to one-on-one coaching, Clarity 2 Prosperity gives financial planning professionals the tools they need to grow

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Gain Access to Clarity 2 Prosperity’s Resource Library

If you are an independent financial advisor searching for the tools and resources needed to provide holistic financial plans for your clients, and a support system of like minded advisors, Clarity 2 Prosperity is your solution.

Tap into planning tools and training, such as The Bucket Plan® holistic planning process, Tax Management Journey, and Advisor Career Path & Compensation Training financial advisor training and development resources to help you every step of the way.

Our process-driven business will give you the tools you need to create coordinated, holistic financial plans that incorporate your clients’ investments, insurance, tax, estate, Social Security, retirement income, and healthcare planning needs.

To learn more about how to access our turnkey training resources, visit the Clarity 2 Prosperity website or click here to schedule a call.


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