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At C2P Enterprises, we build success stories. Here’s what our current advisors have to say:

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Mary Sterk


C2P Enterprise has helped my practice grow faster than I would have been able to on my own. The Bucket Plan® has helped my practice in a variety of ways. First, it’s such a simple visual and clients really get it, so we are able to close more sales as a result of incorporating it. Second, it’s a completely replicable process that I’ve been able to use with my associate advisors to help them be able to move into the sales world much faster.”

—Mary Sterk, CFP®, CPFA, Sterk Financial

  • Named multiple years to Forbes Top Women Wealth Advisor
  • Serves clients nationwide with her nine affiliated offices across the Midwest.

nan lesnick


“I’ve been using The Bucket Plan® in our practice for over four years and it has completely transformed the practice. It makes the complexity of financial planning understandable. I absolutely would recommend that other advisors consider attending and adopting the practices we learn. Going over the basics keeps everything fresh in our practice and allows us to deliver the best and latest information to our clients and prospects.”

—Nan Lesnick, Lesnick Company

jude wilson


“To be able to explain the difference between accumulation planning and distribution planning to my clients using The Bucket Plan® has changed my practice completely.”

—Jude Wilson, CWS® Wilson Financial

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ron braun


Everyone is really willing and eager to share their ideas. I’ve learned so much from attending the live events and enjoy hearing what best practices other advisors are using in their practice.”

—Ron Braun, Upstream Investment Partners

greg dolenski


“I love learning but I really love the camaraderie C2Pe has brought to my practice. Spending time with advisors and learning about what they are doing has really helped my business grow.”

—Gregg Dolenski, Financial Benefits Group

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