Advisor Career Path & Compensation Models

Advisor Career Path & Compensation Models

Do you want a documented strategy to achieve team growth?

What about data-backed compensation plans to ensure you’re paying your employees fairly and competitively while building an elite team for your practice?

The Advisor Career Path & Compensation Model eBook will help you recruit, reward, and retain top talent so that you bring on the best people and adequately invest in them for the future of your business.

The Advisor Career Path & Compensation Models:

  • Operate as an informal mentoring program
  • Support better service to clients
  • Outline the rubric for job advancement
  • Walk individuals step-by-step through their career projection
  • Act as a unique recruiting tool for top talent
  • Facilitate measurables for annual reviews
  • Develop flexible Responsibility Agreements
  • Craft a payment structure that fits the needs of your firm
  • Attract and retain talented people
  • Define the mentorship approach that works best for your business
  • Identify the roles, responsibilities, standards, and expectations for each position
  • Set goals and target dates for growth, profitability, staffing, and more

There will come a time when you need to step away from your firm, whether it’s for an extended vacation, a medical condition, family needs, or you’re just ready to retire. This eBook will pave the way for you to delegate responsibilities through a seamless transition, putting your mind at ease.

We spent years refining and developing a scalable career trajectory reflecting the experience and research we’ve accumulated over decades of observing advisors within our firms and the financial industry’s best practices.

C2P Enterprises has the tools you need to build out an elite team of financial advisors you can rely on to run the business with or without you. The Advisor Career Path & Compensation Model program contains various tools you can use to enlist new talent and grow your business.

This eBook can help structure your business, so it continues to prosper with or without you.

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