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Prosperity Capital Advisors

Prosperity Capital Advisors (PCA) is a planning-first, SEC-Registered Investment Adviser (RIA) that equips advisors with an array of fee-based financial planning and investment solutions to meet their individual clients’ unique needs.
Prosperity Capital Advisors offers advisors a full-service investment platform for turnkey asset management tools and resources to build holistic financial plans. We are custodian agnostic and provide affiliated advisors extensive support, advanced portfolio analytics and reporting, and investment product due diligence and selection.

Registered Investment Adviser (RIA) Solutions by Prosperity

Prosperity Capital Advisors works with a select group of investment adviser representatives to help them grow in their planning and investment capabilities. 
Our overarching commitment is to support our affiliated advisors as they advise in the best interests of their clients. To do so, we provide turnkey financial planning processes, tools, and support to our advisors that are product-agnostic to build a plan as the foundation for all investment advice prior to product selection, including:

Work with Prosperity Capital Advisors

At Prosperity Capital Advisors (PCA), we provide more than just an investment platform. We provide solutions to simplify and solve the complex challenges and opportunities that financial planning professionals and their clients face every day.
As a registered investment adviser (RIA)organization, we’re committed to looking at the big financial picture and providing congruent and holistic services that help our customers obtain their overall financial goals and objectives.
With countless financial vehicles available today, Prosperity Capital Advisors strives to provide cohesive wealth management plans that work to identify gaps and inefficiencies to provide accurate product and portfolio recommendations. As such, financial planning is the foundational service that PCA provides.
We offer a team of highly specialized professionals focused on providing outstanding solutions to unique situations that will help develop better financial plans, including CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professionals, tax professionals, insurance agents, and more.
Through affiliation with Prosperity Capital Advisors, financial planning professionals are given access to industry-leading tools, resources, and training to help you gather more assets under management and position Prosperity portfolios as part of a holistic financial plan.

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