The Tax Trilogy

The Tax Trilogy

Elevate your Financial Advising with The Tax Trilogy

Essential Skills for Holistic Financial Advisors​

Taxes can be the single greatest retirement expense. Are you providing your clients with the planning strategies they need to maximize their income and minimize their taxes?

The Tax Trilogy is a 3-pronged approach we use to teach financial advisors advanced tax planning, tax management, and tax preparation strategies to help them differentiate their business and holistically advise their clients.

You’ll learn these concepts and more through The Tax Management Journey® training, which helps you attract and retain higher-net-worth clients by integrating taxes, finances, investments, and insurance into one overall plan.

Why Be a Financial Advisor Who Offers Tax Planning, Preparation, and Management?

Incorporating The Tax Trilogy’s concepts into your financial advisory is one of the most efficient ways to get in front of new prospects and grow your business. It’s mutually beneficial to your firm as much as the clients you serve.

The Tax Trilogy’s approach will help you to:

Differentiate Yourself as a Financial Advisor

While many clients would prefer their financial advisors to include strategies to mitigate taxes, not every advisor does! Stand out in a competitive market as a financial advisor offering tax planning, preparation, and management. This emphasizes your commitment to securing your client’s financial future.

Improve the Client Experience 

Enhance your client’s experience by offering them the convenience and peace of mind of having all their tax and financial needs covered under one roof. Your firm will not only be known for your depth of expertise, but also as an easy choice for clients looking to save time and streamline their lives with one single financial professional.

Win More Business and Help Enhance Your Client Retention

With The Tax Management Journey®, you’ll be well-equipped to attract new clients, even those in the $1 million to $5 million demographic. By demonstrating your ability to minimize tax liabilities while maximizing income, you’re on your way to winning the trust of prospective clients and strengthening relationships with existing ones.

Charge Larger Planning Fees

CPAs don’t offer tax advice free of charge, so why should you? The additional tax management expertise you learn through The Tax Management Journey® training and support C2P provides through the Tax Trilogy is a value-add for clients you can monetize for your own firm.

Be our next success story — learn how our processes have helped advisors grow their practices and skillset

Deliver Powerful Tax Management Strategies to Clients

Expedite your growth with The Tax Management Journey® training

  1. Understanding the Order of Money: There is an order to how clients should accumulate money and how they should take distribution upon retirement to help increase net after-tax cash flow. We leverage the tax-efficient funnels tool to help our clients visualize how to save for retirement and turn retirement assets into tax-efficient income.
  2. Measuring Your Tax Bracket: The U.S. tax system is a dynamic pay-as-you-go system, and there are many opportunities for proactive tax management within the brackets. We utilize a tax measuring cup visual aid to educate the client on ordinary income tax brackets and capital gain tax rates and illustrate annual tax management opportunities.
  3. Avoiding Marginal Tax Traps: There are tax traps that exist in the code. Within this concept, we share ways to articulate the importance of proactive tax management before your client takes major withdrawals from their retirement accounts or elects to receive Social Security income.
  4. Allocating Tax-Sensitive Assets: It’s not about what you make; it’s about what you get to keep. Taxes can create a major drag on investment returns. It has never been more important to ensure you are allocating your client accounts with the right type of investments, not just diversification but also from a taxation perspective. We have tools that illustrate to the client that there are certain investments they should hold in their retirement accounts vs. their post-tax accounts vs. their tax-advantaged accounts for increased efficiency.
  5. Gifting Strategies: Within this concept of tax management, we arm advisors with tools to help their clients maximize both charitable and intra-family gifting to minimize their income tax and their families’ future transfer tax.
  6. Pay Now vs. Pay Later: Everyone is required to pay taxes, but the U.S. tax system allows flexibility on when you pay. You can defer income through retirement accounts, deferred asset sales, or recognize income through Roth conversions or strategically-timed asset sales. This creates incredible opportunities to amplify your value with proactive tax management of these accounts and assets.
  7. Managing Your Dynamic Bracket: Tax management is a moving bullseye. Each year your clients’ personal circumstances change. Tax management is about evaluating the landscape of tax policy and your clients’ unique needs and strategically thinking several moves ahead to ensure you maximize their income and minimize their taxes.

This comprehensive, 2-day training program delivers a 7-step process to equip you with the confidence, tools, and strategies to assist current and potential clients with their tax planning needs. Get ready to elevate your firm to be a one-stop shop for truly comprehensive financial plans.

Developed and Taught by Industry Leaders

C2P’s President and Co-Founder, Dave Alison, CFP®, EA, BPC, helped develop the systematic, scalable approach of the Tax Management Journey® through his own expertise. 

As an advisor to many wealthy families and retirees, he realized many of these clients need and expect tax advice in their financial plans to protect and maximize their wealth. 

Rather than let clients and prospects choose another advisor with these capabilities, Dave along with tax scholar and instructor, Christopher Woehrle, JD, LL.M (Taxation), now teaches advisors everywhere the importance of proactive tax management and how to factor it into their financial planning model.

Discover the Value of The Tax Management Journey®

By attending The Tax Management Journey®, you’ll acquire the tools and strategies needed to expand your business lines, enhance your value proposition, and attract more clients. Discover the value of this comprehensive program and take your financial advising to the next level — visit our Tax Management Journey® training event page to learn more and see if you qualify to attend for free.