Who We Are

Who We Are.

It all started with a napkin drawing. C2P originated as a response to the flaws within the financial services industry. It’s the brainchild of an alliance of top-tier financial professionals from across the industry who decided it was time to make a difference.

After years of working with financial organizations with top-down approaches to doing business, our founders realized a change had to be made. The approach of “here’s an idea, now go sell more products” mostly benefited the company. The advisor benefited second, but the client, who was simply sold a product, would always come in last.

United by a vision to always do right by the client, these partners set out to turn this business model completely upside down. They wanted to equip other advisors with the knowledge, support, and resources they needed to provide comprehensive and value-driven planning.

Spoiler alert: they succeeded.

Today, C2P is the culmination of over a decade of dedication to creating and mastering all of the tools, resources, training, coaching, planning, products, and processes for independent, client-driven financial advisors to succeed and thrive. We’ve grown into a collection of leading independent financial services organizations renowned for innovation, advisor collaboration, and client success.

We have developed hands-on training resources and real-world sales tools to help holistic financial advisors reach their full potential.

To be successful, top advisors must bridge the demands of being both an impactful holistic advisor and a capable business owner. Each brand under C2P independently serves advisors on their journeys to success. But when you combine the respective knowledge and resources together—the results are endless.

Discover the complete path to business success while systematically working in your clients' best interest