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Want to Learn About the Benefits of Working with Clarity? 

Clarity Insurance Marketing Organization

As a best interest-focused Insurance Marketing Organization (IMO), Clarity Insurance Marketing (Clarity) facilitates advanced product screening, selection, and support for all lines of fixed insurance products, such as fixed and indexed annuities, single premium, and traditional life insurance, and asset-based long-term care products. At Clarity, we are dedicated to implementing best interest practices, which effectively mitigate risk. Clarity Insurance Marketing helps institutions, advisors, and ultimately families nationwide.

Interest-Focused Insurance Marketing by Clarity

Clarity Insurance Marketing has held a proactive stance throughout the onset and evolution of legislation and has remained dedicated to providing and facilitating best interest practices. We build, test, and refine our award-winning processes years ahead of legislation. This results in powerful asset-gathering tools rather than burdensome, compliance-driven processes newly derived to meet regulatory changes.
A defining characteristic of Clarity Insurance Marketing is our client-first mentality. We differentiate ourselves by focusing on what is in the clients’ best interest rather than gross production and sales. We mitigate risk for clients by helping advisors incorporate our best-interest approach in case design, product selection, and implementation of insurance solutions as financial planning tools

Why Work With Clarity Insurance Marketing?

The challenge many institutions are facing today against evolving fiduciary legislation is how to develop a thorough and compliant planning process, field test, revise, standardize, roll-out, train, and monitor this process, and then accept the liability of each plan presented by an affiliated advisor to their clients to uphold the best interest standard.

Fiduciary regulations – whether from the SEC, DOL, or state insurance commissioners – are changing rapidly. If your organization is assuming the liability of financial institution status, making you ultimately responsible for overseeing the compliance of your advisors in meeting best interest standards–you understand the significant undertaking and resources this may require.

Because of the proactive role Clarity has taken over the past decade in building and refining a best interest processes that help position insurance products as sophisticated financial planning tools, we have found that other financial institutions are seeing great value in partnering with us.

We feel the best thing we can do for institutions is to emphasize the level of due diligence and training that we provide to help mitigate their risk.


Who We Work With:

Clarity helps financial advisors identify the best solutions for their clients no matter their situation. Through the platform, advisors have the option to effectively position fixed indexed annuities (FIAs) as a tool to help their clients.
With Clarity, advisors can create appropriate documentation to showcase why each recommendation is in the client’s best interest to effectively introduce insurance products into their financial planning process and advisory business model.
Clarity provides training and support teams of advisors to use insurance products that meet best interest standards.
With these tools, institutional advisors can implement a proven streamlined documentation process for their advisors to easily review and analyze.
With Clarity, financial advisor firms can provide their teams with access to sophisticated product screening and evaluation to integrate insurance into a financial plan that helps their customers achieve their financial goals.

Want to Learn About the Benefits of Working with Clarity? 

Services Clarity Insurance Marketing Provides

Award-Winning Product Screening & Analysis

Through our proprietary Best Interest Annuity Screening Process, recognized as the 2019 winner by WealthManagement Industry Awards for insurance innovation, we conduct an objective, thorough and analytical search of available products and providers to identify the best product fit for each case. We regularly screen more than 200 annuities to provide advisors with the strongest products available on the market based on a client’s needs and objectives.
Clarity Insurance Marketing built this screening process to create an approved product shelf for our advisors to recommend in their clients’ best interest. We began doing this because we saw a need for it in the industry, not because the regulatory entities mandated it. With this intent, it has been tested and refined to be a systematic and functional business tool. With this process, we can help ensure that the advisor’s recommended products can be mathematically proven to be in the client’s best interest.

Annuity New Business & Policy Services

  • Assistance with obtaining and completing annuity applications
  • Provide full review for good order and standard suitability items
  • Facilitate expedient processing with the insurance carriers
  • Timely case follow-up services and communication tailored to meet the individual needs of our advisors
  • High-level problem resolution
  • Assistance with a full range of Inforce Policy Services (Withdrawals, RMDs, Beneficiary Changes, Client Information Changes, Benefit Election, Death Claims, etc.)
  • Access to a team of experience annuity service professionals that can help navigate through any new, pending, or in force policy scenario

Case Design & Illustration

Licensing & Contracting

  • Variety of carriers available for annuity, life, final expense, medical supplement, and funeral expense trust business
  • Designated staff members to assist in the onboarding and contracting process
  • License, carrier, and product training checks
  • Access to back-office websites to track business and obtain applications

Compliance & Supervision

  • Best interest standards & screening process
  • Initial product suitability review

Product Training & Support

  • C2P Screening Process Product Guide
  • Product guidance and illustrations
  • Recommended crediting strategy allocations

Join Clarity Insurance Marketing IMO

At Clarity, we work with holistic advisors committed to representing their clients’ best interests. As such, almost all our affiliated advisory practices have either an RIA, IAR, or registered representative of a broker dealer in their office to help represent insurance a part of a holistic financial planning solution.

Our process-driven business will give you the tools you need to create coordinated, holistic financial plans that incorporate your clients’ investments and retirement planning needs.

To learn more about Clarity Insurance Marketing IMO and how to work with us, visit ClarityInsuranceMarketing.com or click hear to schedule a call.


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