Coaching Female Clients: Lisa Chenet’s Top Tips for Women’s Financial Planning

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Coaching Female Clients: Lisa Chenet's Top Tips for Women's Financial Planning

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Women being more likely to outlive their husbands but less likely to be in charge of the finances in the relationship, is a recipe for disaster. Help your female clients better plan for their future and well-being by empowering them to become active, informed participants in their financial lives.

Join host Kirsten Schlumbohm and special guest Lisa Chenet, CFF®, BPC®, Vice President of Operations at CLP Financial Group, as they discuss Lisa’s holistic approach to coaching female clients. With candor and real examples from her practice, Lisa emphasizes factoring in retirement, health costs, legacy planning and more when developing comprehensive financial plans for women.

Key topics covered:

  • Overcoming the “passenger princess” mindset – why women must put themselves in the driver’s seat when it comes to finances by asking questions, verifying information, and taking ownership.
  • Holistic financial planning — how a holistic approach help account for the unique challenges women face, such as earning less over their careers but needing money to last longer in retirement.
  • Strategies to combat common concerns: Lisa shares her strategies for closing the gender pay and longevity gap, such as maximizing retirement account contributions early.
  • Factoring in Future Needs: How you can help female clients consider future health costs and long-term care needs in a financial plan.
  • Importance of estate planning: Real-life stories and examples that illustrate the importance of protecting the surviving spouse and facilitating legacy wishes.
  • How to find the right fiduciary financial coach: What it means to be a financial fiduciary who educates, listens, and has the client’s best interests in mind, and how to find one to work with near you.
  • Sharing wealth wisdom: The importance of getting the whole family involved in financial literacy from an early age.

Tune in to learn how you can best help your female clients get proactive about securing their financial present and future.



Coaching Female Clients: Lisa Chenet's Top Tips for Women's Financial Planning

About the guest

Lisa M. Chenet, CFF®, BPC is the Vice President of Operations at CLP Financial Group Inc. in Virginia. After initially working as a computer programmer at NASA, Lisa found her true calling in the financial services industry, inspired by being raised by a successful financial advisor father.

With an impressive array of certifications and investment advisor licenses, Lisa brings tremendous expertise, Lisa brings a wealth of expertise to her role. Her genuine, down-to-earth style and array of certifications and investment advisor licenses helps her make complex financial matters more understandable for clients.

Passionate about financial education, Lisa established the Woman’s Division at CLP Financial in 2020 to assist women in achieving financial independence. As a trusted financial coach, she guides clients towards security through her comprehensive knowledge, empathetic nature, and dedication to their best interests.