Financial Workshop Hosting Tips to Win More Clients

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Financial Workshop Hosting Tips to Win More Clients

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Are you a financial advisor looking to expand your client base and enhance your service offerings through educational workshops? Join Dave Alison, CFP®, EA, BPC, President and Partner at C2P, and Bryan Bibbo, AIF, NSSA, BPC, Lead Advisor and Partner at JL Smith Holistic Wealth Management, for an in-depth exploration of how to hold successful workshops that not only engage but also convert attendees into clients.

With additional expertise from Matt Seitz, Chief Marketing Officer at C2P, this episode is packed with nearly everything you need to know about running these events smoothly and effectively.

Key Points Discussed:

  • JL Smith’s Hybrid Approach: Discover how JL Smith employs both virtual and in-person seminars to cover vital topics such as taxes in retirement, leveraging innovative strategies to make webinars feel live and engaging.
  • Marketing Strategies Unveiled: Learn about the digital marketing tactics and partnerships that fill the room (or the webinar), including the role of Eight Digit Media and social media marketing in driving attendance.
  • Optimizing Event Duration: Insights into the ideal length of virtual workshops, as determined by attendee engagement studies, and tips for keeping the content concise and impactful.
  • Converting Attendees to Clients: The crucial role of “Right Fit Calls” in converting webinar and seminar attendees into prospective clients, including strategies for encouraging sign-ups and ensuring follow-through.
  • Content Delivery and Production: Bibbo shares his role as the host in seamlessly integrating subject matter experts into the presentation and using pre-recorded segments to create a dynamic learning environment.
  • Costs and ROI: A breakdown of the costs associated with hosting these events, from digital ad spend to production costs, and the return on investment in terms of new client acquisition.

Whether you’re new to running these events or looking to refine your current practices, tune in to learn how to make these events a regular, profitable part of your business strategy.


Financial Workshop Hosting Tips to Win More Clients

About the guest host:

Dave Alison, CFP®, EA, BPC, is a seasoned financial planner and entrepreneur committed to elevating advisors’ businesses and planning capabilities. As the President and Founding Partner of C2P Enterprises, Dave drives a shared vision of simplifying financial planning for a global audience of one billion people. He leads the company’s growth strategies, shapes its corporate direction, and guides the executive team, demonstrating a remarkable ability to transform vision into reality.

Beyond C2P, Dave contributes his expertise to various leadership roles, including Prosperity Capital Advisors, and Clarity 2 Prosperity, enhancing the financial landscape. Dave’s proficiency in integrating complex financial, tax, investment, insurance, and estate planning into comprehensive strategies led to the creation of Alison Wealth Management, which serves clients nationwide. A member of the Financial Planning Association®, Dave has consistently demonstrated his dedication and expertise, earning accolades such as the 2023 40 Under 40 recognition and won a ThinkAdvisor’s LUMINARIES award for Thought Leadership and Education at C2P.


About the guest:

Bryan Bibbo, AIF, NSSA, BPC, serves as Partner and Lead Advisor at JL Smith Holistic Wealth Management, focusing on retirement planning, estate, and financial income planning. Since 2015, he has provided financial education and retirement planning strategies to residents in Northeast Ohio. His client base includes successful professionals, business owners, and retirees seeking to develop financial strategies for wealth optimization and securing a reliable income source during retirement. Bryan is committed to ensuring his clients’ financial plans are both comprehensive and adaptable, allowing for peace of mind regarding their financial futures.

He holds various professional licenses and designations, including Life and Health Insurance, Series 65, and the Annual Filing Season Program (AFSP) with the Internal Revenue Service. His specialized designations include National Social Security Advisor, Accredited Investment Fiduciary, and Bucket Plan Certified®. Bryan advocates for a holistic retirement plan that addresses key areas such as withdrawals, taxes, risk tolerance, long-term care mitigation, and inflation, emphasizing the importance of flexibility to adjust plans according to changes in laws, taxes, and the economy.