The Branding Blueprint: Essential Tips for Creating a Standout Brand

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The Branding Blueprint: Essential Tips for Creating a Standout Brand

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About the episode:

Before you can create a marketing strategy or content to promote your firm, you need to assess your brand messaging and ensure what you’re promoting is cohesive, compelling, credible, and consistent. Host Matt Seitz, Chief Marketing Officer at C2P, is joined by Alana Kohl, an accomplished publicist, author, and brand consultant who serves as the Founder of AdvisorPR to discuss the importance of brand messaging and identity, because as Kohl says, “if you stick to your message, your message will stick.” Together, they delve into the critical aspects of branding for financial advisors and how to create a strong brand that attracts the right clients while providing a solid foundation for your marketing efforts.

Key topics covered:

  • The Importance of a Strong Brand: Kohl emphasizes how a strong brand acts like a magnet, attracting clients to your financial advisory business. It also serves as a solid foundation for all your marketing initiatives, providing consistency and credibility.
  • Branding Basics for Financial Advisors: Seitz and Kohl discuss the fundamental principles of branding and why it’s crucial as financial advisors to assess what you have before you create any marketing materials.
  • Power of Social Proof: Financial advisors need to understand the SEC Marketing rules and the value of incorporating testimonials and case studies to enhance brand credibility.
  • Common Branding Mistakes: Kohl shares common mistakes that financial advisors often make in their branding efforts, including inconsistent messaging, lack of alignment in marketing materials, not adapting language that connects with your ideal client.
  • Identifying and Fixing Branding Issues: Kohl recommends “going undercover” and conducting a thorough brand assessment, both for your own brand and your competitors, to identify gaps and opportunities for improvement.
  • The 4 C’s of Brand Consideration: Kohl highlights the four C’s of brand consideration to refer to when assessing and analyzing your brand materials: cohesiveness, compelling messaging, credibility, and consistency.

Tune in to learn important branding fundamentals that can help you establish a powerful and consistent brand presence that attracts your ideal clients.


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About the guest host:

Matt Seitz, a Partner and the Chief Marketing Officer at C2P, is a seasoned marketing and sales professional with over 15 years of experience across finance, accounting, and professional services industries. He’s known for his expertise in strategic planning, digital marketing, lead generation, and content marketing. Matt’s approach centers on relationship marketing, prioritizing customer satisfaction through data-driven marketing plans with demonstrable ROI. His contributions to the industry have earned him numerous accolades, including recognition as one of Cleveland’s Notable Marketing Executives in 2021 by Crain’s. Additionally, Matt has been named a finalist for CMO of the Year in 2023 by WealthManagement.com for their Industry Awards and recognized as a finalist in ThinkAdvisor’s LUMINARIES for exceptional executive leadership in the RIA/IAR Firms category.

In his role at C2P, Matt has played a pivotal role in optimizing marketing-sales funnels, driving digital growth, strengthening brand identities, and implementing effective content marketing strategies to propel leads through sales pipelines. He’s also an accomplished author and speaker, sharing insights on diverse marketing and business development topics. As a member of the American Marketing Association, Matt continues to be at the forefront of innovative marketing practices and strategies within the financial industry.

About the guest:

Alana Kohl is an accomplished brand consultant, communications strategist, accomplished publicist, and the founder of AdvisorPR. Since its start in 2005, AdvisorPR has exclusively served the comprehensive marketing communication needs of financial professionals and organizations.

AdvisorPR has carved a niche for itself with ingenious turnkey PR programs and a tried-and-true approach to media relations. Through a combination of skill, strategy, and dedication, Alana and her team have consistently secured substantial media placements for clients across various market conditions and economic cycles. Their impressive track record extends across a spectrum of media platforms, from local and national to industry-specific outlets.

Alana’s leadership has played a pivotal role in shaping and supporting the financial industry through significant transformations. She has adeptly navigated communication strategies amidst economic and legislative shifts, while also providing invaluable guidance to advisors seeking to establish their independent brands.