Coffee Break with C2P: How to Provide 5-Star Client Service

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Coffee Break with C2P: How to Provide 5-Star Client Service

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About the Episode:

From hotels and restaurants to financial advisory firms, the key to creating a maintaining a successful business remains the same — providing exceptional or “5-star” client service.

Host Dave Alison, CFP®, EA, BPC, President and Founding Partner of C2P, and special guests discuss the art and impact of providing exceptional client service.

Seasoned advisors Chris Cordoba, CFP™, RFC®, CFS, Founder and President of California Retirement Advisors, and David Roth, CFP®, EA, BPC, Tax and Wealth Advisor at Alison Wealth Management, delve into practical tips to enhance the client experience.

This episode is packed full of unique insights on video communication with clients, personalized handwritten notes, efficient workflows, and many more strategies for delivering top-tier customer service in the financial industry, including:

·       Personalized Service: Discover how personalizing your approach by using the same financial tools your clients utilize can create a deeper connection and enhance the service experience.

·       Acknowledging Milestones: Explore how recognizing significant life events, such as turning Social Security age, can be a powerful way to engage clients and offer valuable guidance.

·       Daily Affirmations: Follow David Roth’s example of writing down your priorities daily to stay on track and maintain clarity in your financial advisory work.

·       The Four Seasons Approach: Embrace the philosophy of putting the client’s perception of reality at the forefront of your service strategy, drawing inspiration from the world of hospitality.

·       Unearthing Needs: Discover the art of identifying and solving your client’s needs before they even recognize them to showcase your value as a financial advisor.

Learn how prioritizing quality service helps naturally attract more business through referrals, forge long-lasting bonds with your current clients, and help your firm stand out to prospective clients.

Tune in to gain valuable insights on elevating your client service game to a five-star level!

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About the guests:

Christian “Chris” Cordoba is a Certified Financial Planner and the founder of California Retirement Advisors since 1997 and on a mission to empower successful individuals to enhance their lives through smart financial decisions. His background, rooted in Ecuador, and shaped by his father’s journey from the U.S. Army to immigration, instilled in him a profound work ethic and compassion. Chris values integrity and respect in his work, emphasizing the importance of character and fairness in every interaction.

Dedicated to helping a select group of self-made individuals, Chris leverages three decades of financial planning experience to grow and safeguard their wealth. He is renowned for navigating complex financial landscapes, including taxes and regulations, with deep holistic knowledge. He views clients as individuals, not data sets, focusing on their unique goals and aspirations to provide tailored financial guidance and support.

David Roth is an  accomplished Tax & Wealth Advisor at Alison Wealth Management, holding the titles of Certified Financial Planner™, Enrolled Agent (EA), and investment advisor representative (IAR). With a unique background in music and finance, David sharpened his tax expertise at Intuit®, makers of TurboTax®, and served as a lead bookkeeper in Intuit’s QuickBooks Live division.

David’s commitment to staying ahead in finance led him to complete the National Association of Enrolled Agent’s Cryptocurrency Certificate Program, making him adept at handling complex tax matters related to  cryptocurrencies and metaverse transactions. David actively engages with professional organizations, staying updated on industry trends and tax law developments.

About the guest host:

Dave Alison is an accomplished financial planner and business leader committed to helping advisors expand their reach and improve the quality of their service to clients. In addition to being the President and a Founding Partner of C2P and the Founder and CEO of Alison Wealth Management — his own financial services firm — he is also the President and Founding Partner of Prosperity Capital Advisors, an acclaimed planning-first RIA. Dave leverages his expertise in all things financial planning, particularly taxes and solutions for high-net-worth clients, to educate financial professionals on best practices and ways to raise the bar in their own practices. Wealth Management, his own financial services firm.