7 Ways Marketing Automation Can Increase Profitability for Advisors

Understanding the Reality of Marketing Automation for Financial Advisors

Marketing Automation for financial advisors helps ensure that the right message goes to the right person at the right time.

“Marketing automation for financial advisors is basically a technology that will help companies, marketing departments, organizations…whoever, to effectively market to their prospects through multiple channels. That covers social media, email…whatever. You make it work for you the best way you can. You just push a button, and it all goes.”

-Suzanne Scheiman, Marketing Manager at JL SmithRainmaker Multiplier On-Demand Podcast

Marketing for financial advisors isn’t scalable without automation. If you want a sales funnel full of new leads, it’s time to invest in the right marketing tools for financial advisors.

Automated Marketing for Financial Advisors Doesn’t Mean a Lack of Personalization

Often marketing tools for financial advisors will come with sample content that you can customize to fit your audience.

“I think people tend to lose that personal touch, thinking that the emails, the connections are going out. You’re keeping your clients and prospects informed on what you’re doing and trying to communicate with them. But you’re not calling them; you’re not following up with them. When you don’t follow up, and you lose that personal touch. You still have to worry about those things because you need to talk to clients personally instead of just sending an email.”

-Suzanne Scheiman, Marketing Manager at JL Smith – Rainmaker Multiplier On-Demand Podcast

Proper Marketing Automation for Financial Advisors Works with Your Practice’s Current Process10 Digital Marketing Tips to Drive Business in 2023

First, segment your list into prospects and current clients. Then take it a step further and categorize them by their needs and pain points.

What stage are they in?

  • Discovery
  • Design
  • Delivery
  • Dedication

Keeping a clean and organized list enables you to schedule and send personalized messages automatically. You can schedule your holiday greeting now, and forget all about it, but your marketing will be there when Christmastime comes.

Implementing the proper automation plan can give you insights into your clients, practice management, and how to market to them more efficiently.

What Should Financial Advisors Look for in a Marketing Automation System?

CRM and Data System

Marketing tools for financial advisors provide the flexibility necessary to schedule campaigns tailored to various audiences to all run independently.

Automated marketing systems for financial advisors allow you to send automatic referral requests and reminders to keep a steady stream of new leads coming into your pipeline.

Your happy customers and their subsequent network of friends, family, and colleagues are the best referral sources to expand your business.

Opportunities for Branding

Automation helps you stay top-of-mind with your customers and makes certain nobody falls through the cracks.

Your marketing follows the prospect from the first piece of content that catches their attention throughout the buyer’s journey, and then it automates regular communications to maintain the client relationship.

Educational Campaigns for Leads and Clients

The right automation software can increase your lead generation, conversion, and overall ROI. It meets the prospect, lead, or client where they are in the sales funnel and guides them through a custom sales journey that focuses on their specific pain points and educates them on how your business can alleviate them.

An Omnichannel Approach to Marketing Automation for Financial Advisors

Following an omnichannel approach to marketing automation for financial advisors ensures all your marketing efforts work cohesively to drive conversions.

Task Management

Manage your projects effectively and efficiently across teams, and schedule automated reminders to ensure the appropriate marketing message goes out at the correct time to the selected audience.

Compliance Review and Customization

Automation can help you streamline your review process with the marketing compliance department. It improves collaboration and transparency across creative and compliance teams. You can automatically audit marketing activities without creating additional manual work for your marketing compliance department.

Reporting on Automated Marketing for Financial Advisors

Automated marketing systems for financial advisors can save time and increase your ROI. You can measure the progress of each marketing message you send. How many people opened it? Who clicked on it? Some even have heat maps to track what people were most interested in.

You can also track a prospect’s first touch point and follow them all the way through the buyer’s journey.

Build Your Practice with the Right Automation Software

Invest Time in Determining the Right System for Your Financial Practice

You don’t have to try a brand-new system with all the bells and whistles. You can start with software you’re familiar with and build from there as your capabilities and needs evolve.

Once you’ve invested in a solution, take advantage of any free training the service provider offers to their customers to get the most out of your system.

Be cautious not to overuse your automation resources or, conversely, not use them enough. Non-marketers often rely too heavily on their technology without doing routine maintenance. Perform regular audits to determine if you need to scale back or up.

At C2P, we help advisors find a balance between being high-tech and high touch with their clients, like when you should personally make a phone call or send a gift versus when you should schedule automatic messages.

To learn more about marketing for financial advisors and how C2P Enterprises can help with your practice management, book a free 20-minute consultation with one of our business development representatives.

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