The Art of Connection: Networking Strategies for Financial Rainmakers

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The Art of Connection: Networking Strategies for Financial Rainmakers

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About the episode:

What does successful networking look like for those in the financial services industry, and why does it matter? Join Kirsten Schlumbohm, Vice President of Annuity Sales at C2P, for valuable lessons on the art of networking within the financial services industry, featuring Julie Pinkerton, CLU, ChFC, LUTCF®, CEO & Managing Member of Evozen. Going beyond traditional networking methods, they discuss the nuances of building meaningful professional relationships, especially for women and minorities in finance.

Key Topics Covered:

  • Networking Strategies: Uncover why successful networking is more than just exchanging business cards. Julie shares her top strategies for making impactful connections that last beyond the initial meet-and-greet.
  • Becoming Referable: Find out how to make yourself and your practice more referable, including the simple yet often overlooked tips like ensuring your professional headshot is up-to-date and authentically you.
  • Challenges for Women and Minorities: Dive into the unique challenges faced by women and minorities in the financial industry and the strategies to overcome them. Discover how niche markets and intentional networking can play a pivotal role in career advancement.
  • Practical Networking Tips: Pinkerton shares practical advice, such as taking photos with new contacts at events to remember conversations better and the importance of approaching networking with intentionality to foster genuine relationships.
  • The Role of Digital Platforms: Explore how the ClientFirst™ platform redefines professional networking by focusing on more than just geographical proximity, enabling financial professionals to connect based on expertise, credentials, and client needs.

Tune in for these insightful strategies and more as these two successful financial professionals (who met through intentional networking), discuss how to grow your practice and make impactful connections in the financial industry.




The Art of Connection: Networking Strategies for Financial Rainmakers

About the guest

Julie Pinkerton, CLU®, ChFC®, LUTCF®, is a distinguished executive, entrepreneur, and US News contributing writer, who has carved a niche for herself as the “Rainmaker of Rainmakers.” With over three decades of experience, she has demonstrated vast expertise in bridging the gaps between various facets of financial services, including insurance, investments, and strategic planning.

In 2017, Julie founded Evozen, and introduced ClientFirst™, a digital platform designed to connect independent Rainmakers across tax, legal, insurance, and investment fields. Her various roles highlight her commitment to innovation, showcasing her dedication to fostering a scalable, profitable, and inclusive industry. In addition to Pinkerton’s professional achievements, she contributes as a writer to U.S. News & World Report, where she shares insights on topics like scaling practices, enhancing firm valuation, and the importance of organic growth.