The Tax Management Journey® Preview: Advanced Life Insurance Strategies for Tax Efficiency

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The Tax Management Journey® Preview: Advanced Life Insurance Strategies for Tax Efficiency

In This Episode

Life insurance has many benefits and applications, but do you know these advanced strategies, like how to structure a policy to act as an asset class?

Join Kalem Mackey, CFP®, BPC, Executive Vice President at C2P, and special guest Stoyan Petev, CFA, CFP®, CLU, ChFc, Senior VP of Advanced Markets at C2P, as they discuss advanced life insurance concepts that will be taught at The Tax Management Journey® training, designed to help attract and convert more high-net-worth clients.

This engaging discussion reveals how to strategically integrate life insurance into financial planning, offering plenty of tax-efficient strategies and asset management insights.

Key Topics Discussed:

  • Life Insurance as an Asset Class: Insights on incorporating life insurance within the Soon and Later Buckets for asset management.
  • Charitable Planning and Long-Term Care: Exploring the impact of life insurance on charitable giving and long-term care strategies.
  • Estate Taxes and Efficient Planning: Unveiling the role of life insurance in estate taxes planning and the importance of policy reviews.
  • Estate Equalization and Deferred Compensation: Tactics for estate equalization and leveraging life insurance in non-qualified deferred compensation plans.

Tune in to learn how you can enhance your life insurance expertise and offer clients innovative, tax-efficient solutions with these concepts taught in The Tax Management Journey®.


The Tax Management Journey® Preview: Advanced Life Insurance Strategies for Tax Efficiency

About the guests

Kalem Mackey, CFP®, BPC is a holistic wealth management expert dedicated to helping financial advisors thrive in an ever-evolving industry. As EVP of Insurance Distribution at C2P, Kalem also oversees Clarity Insurance Marketing, providing top-tier insurance solutions aligned with advisors’ best interests. With over two decades in financial services and as the founder of Superior Financial Planning in Colorado, Kalem brings a wealth of experience and a growth-oriented mindset.

Kalem frequently shares his expertise at C2P events, covering proven processes, retirement income planning, and savvy tax management, all aimed at supporting advisors and American families in achieving their financial goals. He’s a trusted Bucket Plan Best Interest Process® Trainer, offering dynamic coaching and sales guidance to elevate advisors’ businesses and enhance client service.

Stoyan Petev, CFA, CFP®, CLU, ChFc, serves as the Senior Vice President of Advanced Markets at C2P, where he spearheads the in-house life insurance division and assists advisors with his knowledge in investment sales and sophisticated planning. His role is pivotal within C2P’s planning-first RIA, Prosperity Capital Advisors, serving both on the Investment Committee and Leadership Team. Stoyan’s journey before C2P spans nearly three decades, during which he has honed his skills across various capacities such as an advisor, distributor, research and investment analyst, due diligence officer, and consultant.

His commitment to education and risk management extends beyond professional advisement, as evidenced by his multi-state insurance licensure and holding Series 7, 24, 53, 63, and 65 licenses. Stoyan is an advocate for financial literacy, particularly within immigrant communities, and has shared his knowledge as an adjunct instructor at Lindenwood University.