The Teamwork Movement: Redefining Practice Management Beyond Career Paths

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The Teamwork Movement: Redefining Practice Management Beyond Career Paths

In This Episode

If you’re wondering what tools or structures you can use in your financial advisory firm to run your practice more efficiently, you’ve come to the right place!

Join Jason L Smith, CEP, BPC, Founder and CEO of JL Smith Holistic Wealth Management and C2P, as he leads a conversation with his Chief Operating Officer, Rob LaCivita, along with Greg Dillon, CFA, CFP ®, CLTC®, NSSA®, Managing Partner and Head of Wealth Management and Retirement Income Planning at OneTeam Financial.

Their conversation uncovers the critical elements of creating a productive and cohesive team environment within financial advisory practices, beyond career paths or compensation models. Jason also introduces the rebranded Teamwork Movement training, formerly known as The Advisor Career Path & Compensation Program.

Key Topics Discussed:

  • Evolution of the Advisor Career Path and Compensation Program: Jason and Rob reflect on the transition of the program from individual-focused career advancement to a more team-centric model, known as the Teamwork Movement, that includes diverse roles within an advisory firm.
  • Key Components of the Teamwork Movement Training: They share insights into the training’s broader scope, addressing not just career paths and compensation but also practice management topics like onboarding, KPI tracking, and business development.
  • The Importance of Mentorship and Structured Career Paths: The group discusses the value of mentorship and a structured career path in recruiting and retaining talent, with personal examples that illustrate the impact of clear progression opportunities on new hires.
  • Practice Management Tools and Strategies: Jason and his guests touch on various means for enhancing practice management, including using EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System), scorecards for tracking KPIs, and responsibility agreements for clarifying roles and expectations within the team.

Listen in to learn how to enhance your team dynamics, improve operational efficiency, and foster a culture of growth and collaboration within your firm.


The Teamwork Movement: Redefining Practice Management Beyond Career Paths

About the guests

Robert LaCivita is the Chief Operating Officer at JL Smith Holistic Wealth Management, where he plays a pivotal role in guiding clients through comprehensive financial planning, tax planning, retirement, and estate planning, while also focusing on business growth. His approach is holistic and client-centered, aimed at increasing income, optimizing tax strategies, and ensuring the protection and growth of assets.

Rob has a Juris Doctor from Cleveland State University College of Law and earned his undergraduate degree in finance from Miami University. He emphasizes the importance of clarity, confidence, and education in financial planning, aiming to empower clients with the knowledge and tools necessary for a secure financial future.

Greg Dillon, CFA, CFP ®, CLTC®, NSSA®, is the Managing Partner and Head of Wealth Management and Retirement Income Planning at OneTeam Financial. He leads the firm’s wealth management division, collaborating with specialists in Social Security, Medicare, and long-term care to design tailored, holistic retirement plans. Greg’s approach prioritizes financial flexibility and risk management to achieve clients’ unique goals and objectives. His journey in finance began at Fairfield University’s Honors Program, where he earned a Bachelor of Science in Finance and Accounting, followed by a successful seven-year stint trading fixed income and options at UBS Financial Services.

Beyond his work at OneTeam, Greg is a respected speaker at conferences, president of the Red Bank Chapter of the American Financial Education Alliance (AFEA), and an advisory board member for Best Buddies New Jersey, where he helps support individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.