Ghostwriter Pamela Suarez

Q: What’s one of the most effective ways to promote your holistic planning services?

A: Write a book!

Yes, you can … and here’s why you should. Writing a book validates your credibility as an expert, instantly. It makes you newsworthy, boosts your visibility, and establishes your professional legacy. And—if done right—your book will help people in your community achieve greater financial security and freedom.

We learned this firsthand with Jason’s book, The Bucket Plan: Protecting and Growing Your Assets for a Worry-Free Retirement, which garnered more attention than we ever imagined it would.

Now it’s your opportunity to become a published author. Beginning this winter, New York Times bestselling ghostwriter and long-time friend of C2P, Pamela Suarez, will be ready to partner with you to create a book about holistic planning that you’ll be proud to share with clients and prospects. Pamela and her team have developed a streamlined process for creating quality books quickly and cost effectively. They do all the heavy lifting, and you’ll have your books in a matter of weeks.

This turn-key book service starts at just $10,295—that’s a fraction of what it costs to create a book the traditional way—and includes the first 250 copies shipped directly to you. You’ll be able to order additional copies for as little as $4 each.

Book package availability is limited, so if you’re interested in this amazing marketing opportunity, don’t delay. Contact Pamela today at writer@pamelasuarez.com.