Mastering Lead Generation and Conversion In An Evolving Landscape, Part 1

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Mastering Lead Generation and Conversion In An Evolving Landscape, Part 1

In This Episode

Lead generation strategies appear to be down across the board in our industry. Does this mean they no longer work? Not necessarily.

Join host Matt Seitz, Chief Marketing Officer at C2P, dives into the evolving landscape of lead generation for financial advisors. Joined by Cary Chaitoff, Vice President of Marketing at C2P, they discuss the challenges advisors face with declining lead generation effectiveness and explore strategies to adapt and thrive.

Key Topics Discussed:

  • Current Market Trends in Lead Generation: Insights into why lead generation strategies are down across the industry and how market conditions affect client acquisition.
  • Impact of Positive Market Conditions: Understanding how a strong market leads to client inertia and fewer changes in advisory relationships.
  • Market Saturation and Competition: Discussing the crowded field of digital marketing and how advisors can differentiate their services.
  • Redefining Lead Generation: Exploring what constitutes a lead and the importance of nurturing potential clients who engage with your content.
  • Categorizing Leads Effectively: Strategies for segmenting leads into now, soon, and later buckets to manage expectations and tailor follow-up efforts.
  • Nurturing Campaigns: The necessity of ongoing engagement with potential clients through newsletters, blogs, social content, and personalized offers.
  • Effective Client Communication: How to maintain transparency and build trust through consistent and meaningful communication.
  • Utilizing Digital Tools: The benefits and challenges of using platforms like Snappy Kraken and FMG for targeted marketing and lead generation.
  • Balancing Immediate and Long-Term Marketing Efforts: Developing a holistic marketing plan that ensures continuous engagement and conversion over time.
  • Leveraging Dimensional Mailers: Innovative approaches to direct mail campaigns and personalized follow-up to enhance client relationships.
  • Optimizing ROI in Marketing: How to measure the effectiveness of different marketing tactics and adjust strategies based on performance data.

Tune in for actionable insights and practical advice to help enhance your lead generation strategies and build stronger client relationships in a competitive market.


Mastering Lead Generation and Conversion In An Evolving Landscape, Part 1

About the Host

Matt Seitz, is a Partner and the Chief Marketing Officer at C2P, with over 15 years of experience across finance, accounting, and professional services industries. He’s known for his expertise in strategic planning, digital marketing, lead generation, and content marketing. Matt’s approach centers on relationship marketing, prioritizing customer satisfaction through data-driven marketing plans with demonstrable ROI. His contributions to the industry have earned him numerous accolades, including recognition as one of Cleveland’s Notable Marketing Executives in 2021 by Crain’s. Additionally, Matt has been named a finalist for CMO of the Year in 2023 by WealthManagement.com for their Industry Awards and recognized as a finalist in ThinkAdvisor’s LUMINARIES for exceptional executive leadership in the RIA/IAR Firms category.

In his role at C2P, Matt has played a pivotal role in optimizing marketing-sales funnels, driving digital growth, strengthening brand identities, and implementing effective content marketing strategies to propel leads through sales pipelines. He’s also an accomplished author and speaker, sharing insights on diverse marketing and business development topics. As a member of the American Marketing Association, Matt continues to be at the forefront of innovative marketing practices and strategies within the financial industry.

About the Guest

Cary Chaitoff is the Vice President of Marketing at C2P Enterprises. His career spans various domains, including agencies and Fortune 500 companies, where he has consistently delivered integrated programs to drive business growth. Prior to joining C2P, Cary was the Marketing Recruitment Director at Avantax, a leading wealth management company.

Cary is known for his successful track record in generating sales, expanding into new markets, building brand awareness, and enhancing customer loyalty. His expertise encompasses a wide range of areas, such as strategic planning, marketing strategy, creative production, local marketing, team development, budgeting, media, and lead generation.

He’s been instrumental in creating and implementing effective marketing solutions that align with his organization’s visions and goals. Cary’s mission is to empower financial professionals to achieve their full potential and deliver exceptional value to their clients. With a strong commitment to strategy execution and attention to detail, he has earned a reputation as a specialist in marketing programs and a skilled leader in the field of marketing communications.