Leveraging Tax Management Year-Round to Transform Your Practice

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Leveraging Tax Management Year-Round to Transform Your Practice

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About the episode:

80% of investors believe that their financial advisors should prioritize minimizing their taxes but only one in five advisors offer their clients tax management services.*

Join Dave Alison, CFP®, EA, BPC, and guests, Greg Hammer, CEO and President of Hammer Financial Group, and Charles Welde, CPA, CFP®, founder of The CP Welde Group, as they share how offering tax management services transformed their practices, helping them better serve their wealth management clients.

Discover how to replicate their success by leveraging strategic tax management during or after tax season to enhance your client services and differentiate your offerings in a competitive market.

Key Topics Covered:

  • Unique Value Proposition: Explore how integrating tax management can set your practice apart, offering a unique value-add to clients by aligning with The Bucket Plan® philosophy.
  • Transitioning from Tax Preparation: Learn from Charles Welde’s experience in refining his tax practice to focus more on impactful planning rather than mere tax preparation, driving greater efficiency and client satisfaction.
  • Defining the Ideal Client: Gain insight into how advisors can define and target their ideal client profile for efficient and profitable tax management services.
  • Client Conversion and Marketing: Hear about effective marketing approaches like webinars, seminars, and referrals to attract and convert ideal clients interested in comprehensive tax planning.
  • Leveraging the “Tax Management Journey®”: Understand how advisors can leverage the “Tax Management Journey®” process to educate clients and prospects on the value of proactive tax planning.
  • Conveying Urgency and Simplicity: Discover strategies to emphasize the urgency of tax planning due to potential tax law changes, and simplify concepts like “pay now vs. pay later” to resonate with clients.
  • Continuous Learning: Explore the ongoing benefits of staying current with tax laws and planning strategies through training opportunities like The Tax Management Journey® available throughout the year.

Don’t miss this episode if you’re looking to integrate tax management into your holistic financial planning approach.




Leveraging Tax Management Year-Round to Transform Your Practice

About the guest hosts:

Greg Hammer is an experienced financial advisor and entrepreneur with over two decades in the financial services industry. After graduating from Yale University with a Bachelor’s degree in Applied Mathematics, Hammer began his career in 1992. In 2004, he founded Hammer Financial Group, Inc., an independent financial advisory firm providing comprehensive wealth management, income planning, legacy planning, tax preparation, and Medicare planning services.

Hammer has built a successful holistic practice, serving over 2,200 tax clients and 800 financial advisory clients annually. He is recognized for his comprehensive advising approach, integrating financial, insurance, and tax planning under one roof. Hammer has received accolades such as being named a top five candidate for 2014 Advisor of the Year by Retirement Advisor magazine. He is an Ed Slott Master Elite IRA Advisor and has qualified for the Million Dollar Round Table’s Top of the Table. Beyond his professional endeavors, Hammer is actively involved in his local community, serving on boards and supporting charitable organizations.

Charles Welde, CPA, CFP® is a seasoned financial professional with over three decades of experience in accounting and financial planning. He began his career in public accounting, working as a CPA for 15 years before transitioning into holistic financial planning. Through his firm, The CP Welde Group, he provides comprehensive financial planning services with a focus on integrating retirement income planning and tax planning strategies.

He is a member of an exclusive mastermind group of elite financial planners dedicated to simplifying financial planning for American families. Welde is also an Ed Slott Master Elite IRA Advisor and a Lifetime Member of the Million Dollar Round Table, demonstrating his commitment to ongoing education and professional development.