Educate to Accumulate: Empowering Young Investors

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Educate to Accumulate: Empowering Young Investors

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About the episode:

If you’re used to advising those closer to retirement, you’re probably wondering how you can adapt financial planning strategies like The Bucket Plan® to younger clients as well.  

Join Dave Alison, CFP®, EA, BPC, President and Founding Partner of C2P and Alison Wealth Management for an engaging discussion on empowering the next generation of investors with Joe’Mar Hooper, CEO of 3rd Decade with additional insights from Ryan Asher, Director of Investment Operations at C2P.

Discover insights on fostering financial literacy among younger generations and the role of financial advisors in this educational journey.

Key topics discussed:

  • Introduction to 3rd Decade: Joe’Mar Hooper introduces his nonprofit organization focused on financial education and mentoring for young adults, emphasizing the importance of guidance alongside education.
  • The Role of Financial Advisors in Education: The guests discuss how financial advisors can step into educational roles, leveraging organizations like 3rd Decade to provide mentorship and advice to younger clients.
  • Observations from C2P: Ryan Asher shares his perspective on the evolution of financial planning and the significance of adopting modern strategies like The Bucket Plan®.
  • Benefits of Volunteering with 3rd Decade: The episode explores how financial advisors can benefit from volunteering with 3rd Decade, including recruitment of new talent and providing real-world training for younger employees.
  • Magnificent Seven Principles: Joe’Mar outlines the “Magnificent Seven” principles taught to young adults to foster smarter financial habits early on.

Listen in to learn how education and proven financial planning processes can significantly impact the financial well-being of your younger clients.


Educate to Accumulate: Empowering Young Investors

About the guest hosts:

Joe’Mar Hooper, MPA, serves as the CEO of 3rd Decade, dedicating his career to empowering young adults through financial education and mentoring. With an extensive background in government and non-profit leadership, Hooper’s work at 3rd Decade focuses on closing the financial literacy gap for individuals aged 18-35.

His commitment to public service is evident through his active involvement in community service, including his role as a founding member of MENTOR Greater Milwaukee. Hooper holds degrees in Personal Financial Planning and an MBA from Utah Valley University. His recognition on the Investment-News 40 Under 40 list, and as the Excell Represents Rising Star Woman in Wealth Management award recipient, highlights his significant contributions to the financial services industry and his dedication to fostering diversity and inclusion.Top of Form

Ryan Asher serves as the Director of Investment Operations at C2P, leading the Operations and Trading department in enhancing efficiency and integrating advanced technology. With a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration focusing on Finance and Entrepreneurship from the College of Charleston, and a Full Stack Web Development certificate from Altcademy, Ryan uses his expertise to optimize portfolio management and operations. He has contributed significantly to developing tools for portfolio analyses, RMD tracking, and database management for marketing and production efforts. His role is critical in portfolio acquisitions, showcasing his skills in due diligence and financial technology.