Coffee Break with C2P: How High-Performing Advisors Leverage The Bucket Plan® Book

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Coffee Break with C2P: How High-Performing Advisors Leverage The Bucket Plan® Book

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About the episode:

Can a best-selling book really create versatile opportunities for financial advisors to streamline client communication and improve marketing tactics? Host Jason L Smith, CEP®, BPC, author of “The Bucket Plan: Protecting and Growing Your Assets for a Worry-Free Retirement,” and Founder and CEO of C2P, and Dave Alison, CFP®, EA, BPC, President, and Founding Partner of C2P, dive into exactly how.
The Bucket Plan® book is discussed by Smith and Alison as a holistic financial planning process that helps advisors guide clients through retirement with confidence and certainty.

In addition to sharing how they leverage The Bucket Plan® book in their sales process and their personal success stories related to its use, they cover the following:

  • Applicable to All: The book’s concepts are applicable regardless of the client’s wealth level, and it helps bridge the gap in clients’ understanding of financial planning.
  • Powerful Framework: The Bucket Plan® book is based on the structured approach to financial planning that helps clients navigate volatility and market fluctuations.
  • Updates & Audiobook: The book has been updated since its original publication to include changes related to the Secure Act 2.0 and the importance of budgeting as a tool to understand spending in retirement. It’s also now available as an audiobook, catering to clients who prefer audio content.
  • Credibility: The discussion highlights the importance of following the entire bucket planning process to build credibility and trust with clients.

Discover the effectiveness of using The Bucket Plan® book as a tool for financial advisors to attract and engage clients, regardless of their wealth level, while emphasizing the importance of following a structured planning process to build trust and credibility.


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Coffee Break with C2P: How High-Performing Advisors Leverage The Bucket Plan® Book

About the guest host:

Jason L. Smith, CEP®, BPC is a renowned speaker, financial planner, best-selling author, and entrepreneur, known for his innovative approach to holistic financial services. As the Founder and CEO of both C2P and JL Smith, his own thriving financial practice, he’s achieved remarkable success. Jason’s unique model at JL Smith, designed for self-sustainability, generated over $90M in new assets last year, all while he worked less than a single day per week. He’s dedicated to sharing this groundbreaking business model, guiding fellow advisors through The Rainmaker Multiplier Model & Process, and is set to launch a book on its development in 2024.

Jason is the author of the acclaimed book, “The Bucket Plan: Protecting and Growing Your Assets for a Worry-Free Retirement,” recognized by U.S. News & World Report as a Top 10 Retirement Planning Book. He’s also penned “Clarity 2 Prosperity: An Advisor’s Guide to Charging Planning Fees for Holistic Planning” and co-authored “The Hiring Advantage.” His commitment to financial education extends to a children’s book, “Days Can Be Sunny for Bunnies and Money,” teaching responsible financial principles. As a speaker at industry events, Jason’s accolades include being named one of Investment News’ 40 Under 40 in 2015 and Crain’s Notable Wealth Managers. His expertise in holistic financial services is widely recognized, with media appearances and features, along with his role as the Founder and CEO of Prosperity Capital Advisors, a planning-first RIA lauded by USA Today as one of the Best Financial Advisory Firms in 2023.

Beyond his professional pursuits, Jason enjoys reading, grilling, yoga, strength training, and outdoor adventures with his wife and children.

About the guest:
Dave Alison, CFP®, EA, BPC, is a seasoned financial planner and entrepreneur committed to elevating advisors’ businesses and planning capabilities. As the President and Founding Partner of C2P Enterprises, Dave drives a shared vision of simplifying financial planning for a global audience of one billion people. He leads the company’s growth strategies, shapes its corporate direction, and guides the executive team, demonstrating a remarkable ability to transform vision into reality.

Beyond C2P, Dave contributes his expertise to various leadership roles, including C2P’s Clarity Insurance Marketing, Valor Capital Management, Prosperity Capital Advisors, and Clarity 2 Prosperity, enhancing the financial landscape. Dave’s proficiency in integrating complex financial, tax, investment, insurance, and estate planning into comprehensive strategies led to the creation of Alison Wealth Management, which serves clients nationwide. A member of the Financial Planning Association®, Dave has consistently demonstrated his dedication and expertise, earning accolades such as the 2023 40 Under 40 recognition and being named a finalist in ThinkAdvisor’s LUMINARIES awards for Thought Leadership and Education at C2P.

Dave, along with his wife Alana, resides near Charleston, South Carolina, and is the proud parent of three daughters.