Coffee Break with C2P: Navigating Long-Term Care Insurance Conversations & Solutions

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Coffee Break with C2P: Navigating Long-Term Care Insurance Conversations & Solutions

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About the episode:

In honor of November, Long-Term Care Awareness Month, host Kalem Mackey, CFP®, BPC, Executive VP of Insurance Distribution at C2P, and special guests, Ali Swofford PhD, CLU, ChFC, President of Prosperity Partners Wealth Management, and Carol Schmidlin, CFF, MRFC®, President of Franklin Planning, delve deep into the topic of long-term care.

In this enlightening episode, we share staggering truths, like how two out of three people over the age of 65 will require extended care at some point in their lives, making this conversation clients can’t afford to overlook.

Whether you’re new to the long-term care space or a seasoned professional, this discussion is packed with valuable insights, including:

  • The importance of bringing up this crucial topic
  • Strategies to make it a seamless part of your client discussions
  • The diverse range of long-term care options available today
  • Our guests’ preferences and experiences about solutions or products might work best for different clients.

Tune in to learn what long-term care solutions can do for your clients, and more importantly, their beneficiaries who will be the most affected by these issues, and how to navigate challenges when discussing long-term care with your clients. Learn why it’s better to “light a candle than to have a dark room” and explore the various ways you can help your clients secure their future.


Coffee Break with C2P: Navigating Long-Term Care Insurance Conversations & Solutions

About the guest host:

Kalem Mackey is a holistic wealth management expert dedicated to helping financial advisors thrive in an ever-evolving industry. He’s a trusted Bucket Plan Best Interest Process® Trainer, offering dynamic coaching and sales guidance to elevate advisors’ businesses and enhance client service.

As EVP of Insurance Distribution at C2P, Kalem also oversees Clarity Insurance Marketing, providing top-tier insurance solutions aligned with advisors’ best interests. With over two decades in financial services and as the founder of Superior Financial Planning in Colorado, Kalem brings a wealth of experience and a growth-oriented mindset.

Kalem frequently shares his expertise at C2P events, covering proven processes, retirement income planning, and savvy tax management, all aimed at supporting advisors and American families in achieving their financial goals.

About our guests:

Ali Swofford, PhD, CLU, ChFC, is the President of Prosperity Partners Wealth Management, LLC, with a wealth of over 35 years of financial expertise. Her mission revolves around simplifying retirement planning for both locals and newcomers to Tennessee, transforming confusion into clarity.

Ali’s approach encompasses not only traditional wealth management but also addresses critical risks such as market downturns, optimizing social security, and planning for long-term health care needs. Her journey through academia, administration, and entrepreneurship has shaped her philosophy of empowering individuals through knowledge and a commitment to their unique vision of a fulfilling life.

With a passport adorned with global travel stamps, Ali is not only an international speaker and best-selling author but also a dedicated philanthropist who has served and chaired various professional and charitable boards, earning a day named in her honor for her philanthropic contributions.

Carol Schmidlin, CFF, MRFC®, is a seasoned financial planning expert with a career spanning back to 1993. She currently serves as the President of Franklin Planning and holds the role of President and Federal Benefits Instructor at Fedsavvy Educational Solutions. Carol specializes in comprehensive wealth management, dedicating herself to assisting families at every financial life stage. Her focus extends to being a trusted retirement planning specialist for federal employees.

As a Certified Financial Fiduciary® (CFF) and a charter member of the National Association of Certified Financial Fiduciaries (NACFF), Carol Schmidlin rigorously adheres to the CFF Code of Conduct and the NACFF’s stringent guidelines. She is unwavering in her commitment to maintaining the highest moral, ethical, and fiduciary service standards, always acting in the best interests of her clients.

Carol’s qualifications also include the prestigious Master Registered Financial Consulting Designation (MRFC®) awarded by the International Association of Registered Financial Consultants. Her wealth of knowledge is shared nationwide through various benefit and retirement classes, and she has been featured as an expert on numerous news outlets.