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Back to The Bucket Plan® Basics: Episode 3

In This Episode

About the episode:

Discover how the simplicity of The Bucket Plan® process becomes even more effective when advisors leverage its core components, starting with the tools then concepts, to simplify implementation and enhance client outcomes.

Listen as hosts Jason L Smith and Dave Alison discuss the powerful concepts and tools within The Bucket Plan® framework, the inspiration behind the Best Interest Process, and how it makes it easier for advisors to integrate this approach into their practice.

Key Points Discussed:

  • Concepts vs. Tools: Understanding the difference between positioning/thinking and practical applications in The Bucket Plan® Best Interest Process.
  • Three-Bucket Approach: How segmenting money into “Now,” “Soon,” and “Later” buckets simplifies financial planning for clients.
  • The Money Cycle: Explaining sequence of return risk through accumulation, preservation, and distribution phases.
  • Pyramid of Risk: Educating clients on investment classes and categories to fill their buckets appropriately.
  • Essential Tools: Utilizing the Connection Questionnaire, Concerns & Priorities Worksheet, Cash Flow Assessment, Asset Inventory Document, Volatility Tolerance Analysis, Design Worksheet, and Delivery Template to execute The Bucket Plan®.
  • Implementation Strategies: How to fully integrate the concepts and tools into your advisory practice for optimal client results.
  • Client Engagement: Enhancing trust and understanding through a structured, simplified financial planning process.

Tune in to learn how to leverage The Bucket Plan® concepts and tools to streamline your sales process, provide clear guidance to your clients, and help improve your overall advisory practice.


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About the guest hosts:

Jason L Smith is a nationally acclaimed speaker, financial planner, best-selling author, coach, and entrepreneur dedicated to simplifying financial planning for families worldwide and supporting advisors everywhere. He is the Founder and CEO of C2P, as well as his own holistically run financial services practice, JL Smith. Jason’s passion and expertise lie in all aspects of holistic financial planning, further evidenced by being Founder and CEO of Prosperity Capital Advisors, a nationally recognized planning-first RIA. As a skilled leader in the financial services industry, Jason truly enjoys helping advisors secure and scale their businesses and better serve clients through C2P’s trusted processes and models.

Dave Alison is an accomplished financial planner and business leader committed to helping advisors expand their reach and improve the quality of their service to clients. In addition to being the President and a Founding Partner of C2P and the Founder and CEO of Alison Wealth Management — his own financial services firm — he is also the President and Founding Partner of Prosperity Capital Advisors, an acclaimed planning-first RIA. Dave leverages his expertise in all things financial planning, particularly taxes and solutions for high-net-worth clients, to educate financial professionals on best practices and ways to raise the bar in their own practices.