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8 Digital Marketing Tips to Drive Business in 2021

Published September 30th, 2020 in Blog |

Marketing Tips for Financial Advisors

The landscape of the financial advisor industry is undergoing some changes. As the Baby Boomer generation ages, a new wave of clients is nearing retirement and will need the services of a trusted financial advisor. The only problem is, the same client acquisition tactics that worked with past generations are becoming obsolete. Not to mention, client retention is proving challenging amid generational shifts, with research showing that 66 percent of clients’ children will fire their parents’ financial advisor when the parents pass away and the children inherit the assets. 

Thanks to the ease of access to information through the Internet, it’s never been more essential for advisors to establish an active presence online in order to bring in new clients. Digital marketing can be a useful online strategy to connect with potential investors who might be interested in your services, as well as maintain relationships with your existing client base. Below, we described eight digital marketing tactics that should be part of your marketing plan for 2021.

These recommendations are brought to you by the team at Clarity Insurance Marketing; where our mission is to provide advisors access to best-interest annuity screening processes and products. At Clarity, we follow a client-first philosophy where we put YOUR clients first; and leverage our award-winning process and back-office support to make doing business simpler for you. By having your IMO as a trusted partner, we can grow together.

Optimize Your Website for Search

When looking for a financial advisor, today’s investors turn to the Internet to research firms before scheduling a consultation or moving forward with services. In order to drive traffic to your site, financial advisors need a website that comes up in the search results when certain keywords like “financial advisor firms” and “financial advisor near me” are searched.

As you begin to optimize your site for search, be sure to place relevant keywords and phrases throughout your site in the URLs, page titles, headers, and copy. Including industry affiliations and awards can further improve your site’s authority, trust, and expertise and boost your rankings in the search engine results pages (SERPs).

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Clarity 2 Prosperity Named as a Finalist for 2020 InvestmentNews Innovation Awards

Published February 5th, 2020 in News |

NEW YORKFeb. 5, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Clarity 2 Prosperity (C2P), a financial training and coaching organization led by financial advisors, coaches, mentors and business leaders, has been named one of three finalists in the practice management category for InvestmentNews‘ 2020 Innovation Awards. The award honors firms with products, services, technologies or platforms that allow advisors to run their businesses more efficiently or effectively. The winners for each category will be chosen by InvestmentNews’ advisory board of industry experts and announced at the April 30 awards dinner in New York City. To read more about how Clarity 2 Prosperity is making a mark on the industry and changing the way financial advice is created, delivered and used, click here.

“We are excited to be named as a finalist for InvestmentNews‘ Innovation Award and to be recognized for our contributions to the industry for practice management,” said Jason L Smith, president, CEO and founder of Clarity 2 Prosperity. “One of the biggest challenges advisors face is how to bring another rainmaker into their business. Even with the best technical skills and tools, a lack of internal processes and training make it hard to attract and retain top talent while also making them a valuable addition to a firm. This award reaffirms that the training platform we have designed is successfully providing financial advisors with a planning process that can help them systematically and profitably grow and scale their businesses.”

Clarity 2 Prosperity was built by top advisors as a membership organization to provide a robust, turnkey and product-agnostic platform featuring 21 turnkey proven processes for advisors to grow, automate and enhance their firms. Clarity 2 Prosperity also provides a range of coaching support to ensure success and ongoing innovation, including live large-group training events, a small group coaching program, an on-demand e-Learning center and one-on-one coaching through MENTORCONNECT, an exclusive platform built to schedule individual calls directly with an assortment of highly-successful advisors and accomplished experts.

For more information about Clarity 2 Prosperity and its upcoming training events, visit www.Clarity2Prosperity.com.

For four years, InvestmentNews has paid tribute to visionaries who have shaped and transformed the financial advice profession through its Icons & Innovators program. Now in its second year, InvestmentNews is recognizing the crucial role firms play in cultivating and implementing innovative answers to the financial advice industry’s greatest problems, such as retirement readiness, inefficient practices and inadequate educational resources. With 18 finalists in six categories, the Innovation Awards demonstrate the importance of supporting original and inventive ideas in business. Winners in each firm category will be chosen by InvestmentNews‘ advisory board of industry experts and announced at the April 30 awards dinner in New York City.

ABOUT CLARITY 2 PROSPERITY: Clarity 2 Prosperity is a financial training and coaching organization led by financial advisors, coaches, mentors and business leaders. Its mission is to shift advisor focus from selling products to becoming holistic service providers, effectively serving the comprehensive needs of American families. Members are trained on the philosophy and financial planning process detailed in the best-selling book, The Bucket Plan® – Protecting and Growing Your Assets for a Worry-Free Retirement, to provide comprehensive and easy-to-understand financial plans to the families they serve. Learn more at www.Clarity2Prosperity.com.

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Fixed Indexed Annuities: Understanding The Product Mechanics & How They Can Be Used In a Client’s Best Interest

Published December 16th, 2019 in News |

Fixed Indexed Annuities

Fixed indexed annuities have had explosive growth over the past decade. Academics, financial institutions, financial planners, and investment advisors have expanded the application of these products, which were once just seen as something “sold by insurance salespeople,” to become a valuable tool within a holistic financial plan. Even economist Roger Ibbotson, a 10-time recipient of the Graham and Dodd Award for financial research excellence and professor emeritus at the Yale School of Management, unveiled recent research analyzing the emerging potential of fixed index annuities as a bond alternative in retirement portfolios. However, the ability to objectively evaluate these products has been a challenge

The Mechanics of Fixed Indexed Annuities: Interest Rates & Option Costs

To understand how to evaluate these products, we must first understand the mechanics of how these products are designed. For every dollar of indexed annuity premium, the majority is used to support the product’s minimum interest guarantee. This minimum guarantee is the anchor that helps classify the product as a fixed annuity and supports one of the main reasons that clients purchase these products, and that is safety. The minimum guaranteed interest rate is established by the NAIC, the National Association of Insurance Commissioners. They have the ability to increase or decrease the rate, and carriers have to adjust accordingly.

The current economic environment we’re facing has been challenging for all fixed-income investments, and annuities are certainly not immune. If we remain in a very low-interest-rate environment like we are in right now, the NAIC might lower the minimum guaranteed interest rate. For an indexed annuity, this would potentially allow the insurance company to lower the MGIR on their products, ultimately freeing up more of the insurance company’s portfolio yield to help cover expenses and potentially allocate more money to the options budget. The more money allocated to the options budget, the more options they can buy. The more options they can buy, the higher the caps and the rates to your client.

Now, as with any fixed annuity, the funds used to back these guarantees are invested in bonds and other long-term instruments to generate a yield. The funds are part of the insurance company’s general account, and the policy owner does not have any interest in the underlying investments. This is a big reason that these products are fixed insurance products and not securities.

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Grow.com — Don’t worry about getting a perfect credit score — this score is all you need

Published May 30th, 2019 in News |

Your credit score is a number that lenders use to assess your creditworthiness, which impacts whether you get a loan and what kind of interest rate you’re offered, explains certified financial planner Dave Alison, executive vice president at Prosperity Capital Advisors in Westlake, Ohio. Your credit score is calculated based on factors like whether you make payments on time and how much debt you have.

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