The Rainmaker Multiplier: How to Create a Self-Sustaining, Scalable Financial Planning Business

The Rainmaker Multiplier:


Coming Spring 2024:

A comprehensive self-sustaining practice guide for financial advisors.

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Learn how to create a top producer for your firm

Transforming a rookie to a Rainmaker (top producer) is not a myth; it’s a process. 

In this book, Jason L Smith, CEP®, BPC, will teach you how to duplicate and scale the process he pioneered and used to build his self-sustaining holistic wealth management business. 

The same process, that turned his $10-per-hour intern into his firm’s #1 producer for the last five years and counting, allowing Smith to focus exclusively on his role as a business owner, just a few days a week.

“As a business owner, you only have so much time to build a business that will grow for years to come, so the only way to do that is to leverage your time. Jason Smith’s “Rainmaker Multiplier” gives you the tools to do just that. Use them and watch what happens!”

— Ed Slott, CPA, and Founder of irahelp.com

The book that transforms financial advisors into profitable business owners

There will come a time when you need to step away from your firm, whether it’s for a well-deserved vacation, family needs, or you’re just ready to retire.

Many financial advisors don’t have a succession plan in place or a clear advisor career path that encourages and facilitates growth at their firm. Let alone, a holistic planning approach and marketing strategy to stay relevant and competitive in the constantly changing industry. Without this structure, it’s nearly impossible to ensure your firm will continue to prosper without you.


The Rainmaker Multiplier book will teach you the trusted process and platform Smith and countless financial advisors have used to achieve long-term freedom and success by creating scalable, self-sustaining businesses built to outlast them.


Meet the Author

Jason L Smith is a successful speaker, financial planner, author, coach, and entrepreneur. Following in his father’s footsteps as a second-generation advisor, he founded his holistic wealth management practice, JL Smith, in 1995 to provide clients with financial planning services that align investments, insurance, taxes, and estate planning into one comprehensive, coordinated plan. Facing the mortality of a heart condition at 29, profoundly transformed how Smith viewed his career and life. This moment forced him to think beyond the role of a mere salesperson and focus on building a sustainable business that could provide for his family and future, even if he were not around. This event served as a wake-up call for him to think long-term, inspiring the creation of the Rainmaker Multiplier Method as a way to systemize, scale, and add genuine value in the financial planning industry. 

If you are looking for a proven process to grow your firm and help you focus solely on your role as a business owner, you found it. It’s called The Rainmaker Multiplier: How to Create a Self-Sustaining, Scalable Financial Planning Business.

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