Optimizing Your Client’s Financial Plans with the Family Estate Organizer

The Family Estate Organizer (FEO) is a holistic financial planning tool that handles the process of settling an estate, as well as assisting the family and any professionals involved. The FEO streamlines and organizes all essential personal information and fi­nancial documentation into a single comprehensive binder.

There is typically one individual that handles the coordination and organization of the family’s ­financial life. If something happens to that family member, such as death or disability, the survivors are left unorganized and lost.

The Family Estate Organizer provides a centralized location for all crucial information and becomes a go-to resource for the client and their family. From legal documents to insurance policies to brokerage statements and more, it creates peace of mind for the client and their loved ones.

Having a customized FEO built can save a family a lot of time, energy, and heartbreak after an already devastating loss. An Estate Organizer can accompany the client to the funeral home or attorney’s office, etc.

Why Do Successful Advisors Use Estate Organizers?

We’ve all been there. Collecting and organizing an entire lifetime’s worth of documents is stressful and frustrating.

Introducing an Estate Organizer during your first meeting can help show your client the value of holistic financial planning tools and ensure everyone is on the same page.

The FEO covers everything, including:

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  • Asset Sheet
  • Bank Accounts
  • Contact Information
  • Debt Statements
  • Final Arrangements
  • Income Tax Returns
  • Legal Documents
  • Life Insurance
  • Long-Term Care
  • Medical History
  • Pensions
  • Personal Documents
  • Post-Tax Investments
  • Prescription Information
  • Pre-Tax Investments
  • Property Records
  • Social Security
  • Survivor’s Checklist
  • Tax-Favored Accounts

Getting the Right Information at the Right Time

The FEO combines all the clutter and paper that arises during the resolution of an estate into a single easy-to-follow binder.

When a new couple comes into the office, they’re often overwhelmed by all the paper they’ve accumulated and don’t know where to start.

It’s common that only one of them has been handling the family finances, and the other is clueless.

So, the first step is getting them organized and on the same page so that everyone is speaking the same language. Ensure all parties understand their net worth, cash flow analysis, and basic concepts like the money cycle.

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Utilizing the FEO in your first meeting with clients will put their minds at ease and educate them on The Bucket Plan® principles like the money cycle and planning for now, soon, and later.

Estate Planning Tools that Help in the Process

An Estate Organizer is much more than a simple financial or legal tool. It stores all important client information from investments and pensions to medical information and life insurance, as well as a family succession plan and Survivor’s Checklist that allows the survivors to better handle the estate upon a client’s passing.

The Family Estate Organizer helps wealth professionals to:

  • Build client relationships when building trust
  • Uncover hidden or forgotten client assets
  • Prepare for long-term care planning
  • Create something tangible for yearly reviews

This is an all-in-one tool that sets clients up for success and helps you develop rapport with your clients. Click here to schedule a FREE 20-minute call to learn more!

Financial Professional Use Only

The information provided in this presentation is not intended as investment advice or legal advice. The information provided is for informational and training purposes only. The information in this presentation was accurate as of the time of the material was created. Tax laws and rulings can frequently change. Please discuss the client’s current situation with an accountant or tax advisor.