AWC Reflections: Overcoming Imposter Syndrome with Kelly Barnard

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AWC Reflections: Overcoming Imposter Syndrome with Kelly Barnard

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About the episode:

If you’re an accomplished professional who often doubts your abilities or achievements, you’re probably experiencing a condition referred to as Imposter Syndrome.

Join host Kirsten Schlumbohm for a profound discussion with Kelly Barnard, a seasoned life coach and self-proclaimed “recovering workaholic.” Together they delve into the depths of Imposter Syndrome, exploring its realities and outlining pathways to overcoming its grasp.

Tune in to understand the intricate layers of self-doubt that many professionals navigate, offering insights and strategies to reclaim one’s sense of “enough-ness” and worthiness.

Key topics covered:

  • The Essence of Imposter Syndrome: Understanding its definition, origins, and the pervasive feeling of being a fraud in one’s achievements.
  • Kelly’s Personal Journey: From a marketing and advertising professional to embracing her true calling as a life coach, Kelly shares her firsthand experiences with Imposter Syndrome and her transition to empowering others.
  • Challenges Faced by Women: An exploration of the unique struggles women face in articulating their experiences, achievements, and the impact of societal conditioning on their self-perception.
  • Strategies to Combat Imposter Syndrome: Practical advice on recognizing and leveraging one’s accomplishments, shifting focus from fear to potential growth, and the importance of internal work to foster self-trust and confidence.
  • The Role of Feedback and External Perceptions: Navigating the waters of feedback, distinguishing between constructive insights and those that fuel self-doubt, and the significance of staying true to one’s authentic self.
  • Advice for Younger Selves and Others: A reflective conversation on the messages of worthiness we would impart to our younger selves and the listeners, emphasizing the inherent value in each individual beyond their professional output.

Whether you’re coping with Imposter Syndrome yourself or seeking to support others in their journey, this episode offers a wealth of wisdom, encouragement, and actionable steps to embrace your true potential.

AWC Reflections: Overcoming Imposter Syndrome with Kelly Barnard

About the guests

Life coach and “recovering workaholic,” Kelly Barnard, has a background of over 15 years in client service within advertising agencies. While there, she honed her skills in prioritizing client needs. Recognizing the necessity for personal and professional growth, she transitioned to then launch her own business as a career coach. For over four years, she has successfully assisted more than 400 clients, leveraging her expertise to guide individuals through career development and transitions.

In 2022, Barnard further expanded her qualifications by pursuing training and certification in life coaching. This new focus helps individuals explore and dismantle limiting beliefs, enhance self-confidence, and effectively manage life transitions, all through the lens of rebuilding self-trust. Her work integrates a comprehensive approach to personal development, underscoring the importance of self-awareness and targeted action in achieving professional and personal goals.