Creating a More Inclusive Financial Services Industry Part 1

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Creating a More Inclusive Financial Services Industry Part 1

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About the episode:

Whether you’re a woman starting in finance or a company aiming to welcome more women clients and employees, remember little changes can lead to big results! Join host Kirsten Schlumbohm as she delves into the significant strides being made towards diversity, equity, and inclusion in financial services with Lindsey Lewis, MBA, CHFC®, CFP® Executive Director and Chair at The American College for the Center of Women in Financial Services.

Together, they discuss Lindsey’s journey into the financial sector, her impactful work at the American College, and strategies for advancing women in financial services.

Key Topics Discussed:

  • Lindsey’s Role and Mission: Explore Lindsey’s multifaceted position at The American College, including her efforts in scholarship, community building, academic contribution, and curriculum inclusivity.
  • Career Path Insights: Lindsey shares her unique path into financial services, highlighting the importance of early financial education and representation in the field.
  • Challenges and Solutions for Women in Finance: The two reflect on the systemic and cultural barriers women face in financial services and innovative strategies to overcome them.
  • The Importance of Diversity and Inclusion: Lindsey emphasizes the significance of understanding and addressing the unique financial planning needs of diverse groups, including LGBTQ+ clients.
  • The American College’s Vision: You’ll hear insights into how The American College’s mission and curriculum seek to address issues impacting the professional development of American women in the industry.

Tune in to learn how modern approaches and attempts to change perceptions can help break barriers that hold women back in the financial services industry.



Creating a More Inclusive Financial Services Industry Part 1

About the guest

Lindsey Lewis, MBA, CHFC®, CFP® is a distinguished figure in the financial services industry, dedicating her career to empowering women to take control of their financial futures. As the Executive Director and Chair of the American College Center for Women in Financial Services, she drives research and advocacy aiming to modernize the industry by promoting diversity and quality talent recruitment.

Beyond her professional duties, Lindsey leads the Women Working in Wealth® initiative, which includes managing social media channels, hosting podcasts, and holding exclusive events designed to inspire and educate women interested in financial careers. Her contributions have earned her spots on the 2021 Investment News 40 Under 40 list and the Excell Represents Rising Star Woman in Wealth Management award. Lindsey’s passion for financial education extends to volunteering with $AVVY Ladies, a nonprofit offering pro-bono financial planning services.