Increase Your Competitive Advantage with Tax Planning

Maximize your clients’ income and minimize their taxes

Did you know that 92% of high-net-worth investors expect their advisor to provide tax advice, but only 25% of them are receiving it?*

But how can advisors provide tax planning services without taking on the burden of a tax practice?

In our newest Advisor Guide, we reveal how financial advisors can grow their practice and their client revenue streams by:

  • Incorporating Tax-Advantaged income streams into a holistic planning process.
  • Building tax planning into their customer’s retirement income streams
  • Attract high-net worth clients with tax management

Work with C2P Enterprises

At C2P Enterprises we offer our advisors more than just investment solutions. We solve the complex challenges advisors face running a wealth management practice.

“Tax planning’s a huge part of it. Especially right now in a low tax rate environment, if you’re not incorporating the tax planning into, your client’s financial plan distribution, you know you’re doing something wrong.” – Casey Johanson, Hammer Financial Group