How to Increase Your Competitive Advantage with Tax Planning

Maximize your clients’ income and minimize their taxes

Taxes are often the single greatest expense people face when they retire.

It’s your job as a financial advisor to provide consumers
with the planning strategies they need to maximize their income and minimize
their taxes. You can proactively plan today to mitigate taxes in the future.

Not all money is taxed the same.

“In my personal opinion—and I know I share this with some of my colleagues—it’s very hard to be a holistic advisor if you’re not talking about taxes.”

-Dave Alison, CRP®, EA, BPC

If you diversify your client portfolios across equities, bonds, and alternative investments, why wouldn’t you also want to diversify their tax plan?

Download the Advisor Guide: How to Increase Your Competitive Advantage with Tax Planning to learn how to incorporate tax planning into your holistic financial plan, so you can expand your business, differentiate yourself from the competition, and charge larger planning fees.

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You do not need a tax background to be successful. You can
hire a CPA, accountant, or another tax expert for your in-house team.

The most successful advisors are always thinking about
growth—they want to increase their offerings and expand the profitable
business lines
they offer. You can accomplish both simultaneously by
building a tax practice within your financial advisor services

Tax management sets you apart from the competition allowing you to charge higher planning fees. It helps you go above and beyond for your clients by providing additional retirement and legacy planning.

Integrating taxes into your financial advisor services is one of the fastest ways to get in front of new prospects and grow your business

How to Increase Your Competitive Advantage with Tax Planning