C2P Advisory Group

Prosperity Capital Advisors

Prosperity Capital Advisors is a planning-first, SEC-registered investment adviser (RIA) that equips advisors with an array of fee-based financial planning and investment solutions to meet their individual clients’ unique needs. It offers advisors a full-service investment platform for turnkey asset management tools and resources to build holistic financial plans. Prosperity is custodian agnostic and provides affiliated advisors extensive support, advanced portfolio analytics and reporting, and investment product due diligence and selection.

Advisor Solutions

Prosperity Capital Advisors works with a select group of investment adviser representatives to help them grow in their planning and investment capabilities.

Our overarching commitment is to support our affiliated advisors as they advise in the best interest of their clients. To do so, we provide turnkey financial planning processes, tools, and support to our advisors that are product-agnostic to build a plan as the foundation for all investment advice prior to product selection, including:

  • The Bucket Plan Best Interest Process
  • The Holistic Planning Process
  • Financial Planning for a Fee

To learn more about what Prosperity offers and how to work with us, visit ProsperityCapitalAdvisors.com or call (888) 240-0064.